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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Match 30 - Final Club Match of the Season - Stock Pond, Sykehouse Lakes

Sunday 26th October 2014

This was the final match  of our 30 match series and the Individual Knockout, Individual Club Champion points and the Club Team weights would all be finalised during this match.  I was leading the individual points with Dave Webster and Stuart Wilson hanging onto my coat tails and my team were about 25lb in front on the team weights front, just leading Dave Horsfall and his band of merry men.  Stuart Wilson and Big Macca were battling it out for the Individual Knockout trophy.  Stuart was carrying about a 50lb weight advantage going into today's knockout match.  Macca was up against it today.

I had fished this lake once before and drew peg 15 on the top bank, opposite where you come in and all the weights came from the pegs in the 20's.

There was a very very strong wind blowing from about peg 5/6 diagonally across the lake to about peg 20.  Pegs 3 - 6/7 had the wind more or less off the back and peg 20 - 23 had the wind in their faces, for everyone else, it was a nasty side on wind.

I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 17, a couple of pegs away from where I was last time.  I arrived at my peg to find that I had peg 16 empty, team member Craig McKenny was on peg 15 and I had Mark 'The Bomb' Wright next to me (Again!!) on peg 18.  Eric drew peg 23 (ish), Andy Limp-Biscuit drew peg 6.

I set up a pellet waggler rig, a bomb rig and two short line pole rigs to fish in about 7ft of water (top 5) and one margin rig to fish in about 4ft of water.  Stuart Wilson drew peg 13 round to my left and Dave Webster drew peg 26 ish.

The match got under way and I could see the odd fish topping at about 30 yards +, so cast out with the pellet waggler set at 5ft deep. The float settled, then started going sideways - due to the wind...time to re-cast me thinks.  I cast out again, the float shot under and I was in.  A carp about 3lb was soon in the keepnet.  The Bomb at the side of me started to get one or two fish on bomb and pellet.  I could not get any more bites.  Andy Limp-Biscuit and Paul 'Castaway' Wilson who were both more or less opposite me, were both catching fish on the pellet waggler, due to seeing them catching this way, I persevered with the pellet waggler, but could not get any bites.

I had one carp and The Bomb had about 7 or 8 carp.  I was getting battered off the next peg.

I decided to cast out my bomb rig - nothing, not even a liner.  I could not get a bite.

We were halfway into the match and I only had 1 carp in the net.  I could see Stuart Wilson catching on peg 13, The Bomb was still getting the odd fish, Castaway and Limp-Biscuit were still getting the odd fish on pellet waggler.

I persevered on the bomb a bit longer, but to no avail.  We were now into the last 90 minutes of the match and I decided to have a look on the top 5 rig.  I lowered in a 6mm expander, the float settled, shot under and skimmer about 4oz was soon in the net.  I dropped in again, and a roach about the same size was also soon in the net.  I was going nowhere.  I changed over to a hard 8mm banded pellet and lowered that in and started to flick a few 8mm pellets over the top.

I waited about 5-10 minutes and the float shot under and about 10ft of elastic came out of the pole tip, this was no skimmer.  After a brief tussle, carp number 2 was soon in the net, this one was about 5/6lb.  I stayed on this line for the duration of the match, catching carp quite regular.  That was it match over.

I could see that I had been beaten by The Bomb, Stuart Wilson, Castaway Wilson and Limp-Biscuit at least.  I was not sure who else had beaten me.

The scales arrived at my peg and Castaway was leading with 101lb, Stuart Wilson had 95lb, Limp-Biscuit had 80lb, now it was my turn.  I was very surprised when the scales went round and settled at 51lb.  The Bomb on the next peg had battered me and put 76lb on the scales.  Webster had struggled and managed to put 15lb on the scales.

Full Result:
1.  Paul Wilson (Peg 4) - 101lb 4oz
2.  Stuart Wilson (Peg 13) - 95lb 4oz
3.  Andy Limbert (Peg 6) - 80lb
4.  Mark Wright (Peg 18) - 76lb 2oz

I had come 6th as I had also been beaten by Frank Brook.

Given that Stuart Wilson had weighed in 95lb and come 2nd, that confirmed his position as ROBIN HOOD AC KNOCKOUT CHAMPION 2014.

My result today confirmed that I was ROBIN HOOD AC CLUB CHAMPION for 2014 amassing 214 points.  Stuart Wilson was 2nd  with 194pts and Dave Webster was 3rd with 190pts.

On the team front, we had managed to maintain our weight advantage and added to it to also be ROBIN HOOD AC TEAM CHAMPIONS for 2014.  Over the 30 match series, my team consisting of Andy Limbert, Eric White, Craig McKenny, Charlie Colefax and myself had a team total weight of 4500lb 11oz.  2nd place team was Dave Horsfall, Ian Waddell, Alan Hunter and Stuart Wilson who had managed to catch a combined total of 4447lb 13oz.

Well done everyone.

Tightlines over winter, I will post updates of how I get on.

Friday, December 05, 2014


I recently featured in the Anglers Mails' -Tales From The Riverbank' and this reminded me of a one or two things....

  • When I was about 12 years old, I was fishing on the River Wharfe at Boston Spa near where I lived on the West End bank and I was fishing with my friend.  It was the height of summer and fish were topping in front of us and no matter what, we could not catch them, so my friend and I hatched a plan.  We got a small stick and tied it to our lines and then caught a couple of blue bottle flies and managed to hook them so as not to kill the fly.  We cast out our 'fly-fishing' tackle and watched as the fly was buzzing away on the river's surface.  A fish came up and rose at my fly, I struck and missed it.   A fish then rose at my friends fly, I said to leave it until it sails away.  Two attempts later the fly disappeared and the stick shot off.  After a brief tussle the biggest chub I had ever seen was in the landing net.  We weighed it, it was just over 5lb - 5lb 3oz to be exact.  We then spent the rest of the day fishing this way and had a couple of dace for our troubles.

  • About 10 - 15 years ago, I used to fish with a club in Leeds called Moorside Angling Club. Moorside Angling Club were pretty much out and out river anglers with maybe 1 or two matches on ponds. Let me ask a question........ In your fishing career to date, how many times have you come 'Joint First' on fishing matches.   I know that when I run the open matches at The Oaks, Thirsk, for about 10 years in that time, there was probably about 3 or 4 joint first anglers - TOPS!!!!  In my first year with Moorside Angling Club, I was never the scales person BUT, somehow managed to come joint first 5 times in my first year with the club.  We were on a match at Nayburn Lock and I drew just below the barge and had 4lb 10oz of small roach on waggler.  The Sandbank pegs were generally where you wanted to draw.  There was a good angler on one of those pegs and when it came to weighing him in, I could see the scales settle about 4lb 7oz and the scales man called the weight at 4lb 10oz - Joint First AGAIN!!!!.  I objected and was over-ruled.  In my first year with the club, I won 11 matches.  At the presentation night, I took a carrier bag with me for all my trophies LOL.  I was the Club and Knockout Champion in my first year with them.  The following year, I got my friend to join Moorside with me and between us we won 13 out of 20 matches.  I left them at the end of my second year. 

  • When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I used to just 'pop down the chute' and go fishing.  The chute was the rainwater run-off pipe from the West End estate in Boston Spa and to get there, I walked across a little meadow at the back of my house and I was more or less on the riverbank.  The amount of times that I would go home with stories of 'should have seen the one that got away' or 'it was this BIG!!!, Honest' to mum and dad, so one day, I thought that I would show them.  I was fishing away and caught a couple of roach on little pieces of earthworm and set up my pike gear and live-baited a small roach.  After about 10 minutes, I got a run on the pike gear and after a 10 minute battle (I was piking with 3lb line and a 7lb hooklength) I had a pike about 4lb in the landing net.  I quickly ran home with the pike in the landing net - it took all of 3 or 4 minutes - to show my mum.  Mum wasn't in.  So I did something.......  Mum arrived home and I was really excited.  I said to mum - 'Mum, come have a look at what I caught'.  So mum followed me and when she saw the pike she screamed.  Not because I had caught a pike.  It was because, I had filled up the bath tub with water and put the pike in the bath.

Got a few more stories to share....

Monday, December 01, 2014

Match 29 - The Penultimate Match - Bottom Pond, Barnburgh Lakes

Match No. 29 - Sunday 19th October 2014

2nd to last match in the Robin Hood AC Summer League was taking place on the bottom pond at Barnburgh lakes.

We have had 3 matches in total, 2 club matches on the middle lake and 1 'knock up' on the bottom lake, and I was favourite to win it as I had won all previous club matches here.  The pressure was on.

Given the way that the wind was blowing I wanted to be on peg 1 - 5 (wind off my back) or pegs 14 - 17 (wind in my face).  I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 23.  Dave Horsfall, Ian 'Sid' Waddell and Paul 'Wilco' Wilson were on pegs 1 - 5 and the Hunter Bros (Alan and Barry) had drawn pegs 14 - 17.  I got to my peg and found that I had Method Michelle to my right and I had lots of room to my left.

I set up 4 rigs and never used a plummet with any of them.  2 x jigga rigs and 2 x standard shallow rigs.  1 x jigga and 1 x shallow to fish at 2.5ft deep and 1 x jigga and 1 x shallow to fish 12-18" deep.  All of the rigs were set to fish with banded 6mm pellet on the hook.  For bait I had 2 bags of venue's own 4mm pellets.

On the team front, there was only Eric the Pheasant and I there.  Eric asked me about his peg.  After I had set up, I went to help out Eric.  I lent him my light hooklength wallet to use as needed as he was fishing maggot, maggot and more maggot down the edge.  We were carrying a 90lb weight advantage in the team event (4058lb - Team Herrington to 3968lb - Team Horsfall).  Team Horsfall had 3 anglers present today.

The match was under way. By the time that I had caught my first fish, Michelle had managed 4 fish on her deep jigga rig.  The wind was blowing at an angle towards my right shoulder and I was throwing 4mm pellets as far as I could, which was only about 7m or so.  I eventually got into a rhythm of feeding and catching fish and every so often, when the swim went quite, I went shallow to the next platform, where I had also been throwing in pellets frequently.

When I had a quick look around every now and again, everyone seemed to be catching fish, this was going to be a close one with some good weights.

That was it match over.  I had caught a few.  Dave Horsfall set the ball rolling with 108lb from peg 1.  Then there were various weights between 69lb (Eric) to 130lb.  Dave Webster set the bar high with a weight of 162lb 3oz.  Frank Brook, thought he had similar and put 113lb on the scales.  Next to weigh was Alan Hunter, after 2 weighs, he managed to snare 136lb 3oz, which is his first 100lb+ weight.  Barry was admitting to a little bit more...and managed to put 174lb 1oz on the scales - holy crap, where did all that come from.  Colin the Worm had 130lb.  Now it was Michelle's turn, she put 64lb 2oz on the scales, I thought that she had more than that.  Now it was my turn.  after 3 weighs, I had managed to amass a total of 194lb 5oz and a win.  This weight is my best ever match weight.

On the team front, Eric and I amassed just shy of 265lb between us.  Team Horsfall made huge inroads into our lead with a team total of just under 325lb - well done guys.

Next match is the last in the series and will conclude all titles up for grabs.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The home straight - matches 26 - 28

Match 26 - Willows Lake, Lindholme Lakes, Epworth

Sunday 28th September 2014

For this match we had pegs 1 to about 30 and there were 18 of us in attendance.  I was hoping for either peg 2 or the end of one of the spits.  In all of the matches that we have fished on either Laurels or Willows lakes (both of which are similar in shape), I have never drawn towards the end of a spit, I am usually in a corner and today... was no exception.  I drew peg  12 which looking on the map, looked to be at the end of a spit, but when I actually got to the peg, it was a corner peg.  I had peg 13 empty  with big Macca on peg 14 on the point, Dave Wath behind me in the other corner. Alan Hunter was to the front of me on another spit.  Stewpot Wilson was on peg 2 looking down the lake with no one on 1, 3, 4, 5, this was primarily down to the design and pegging of the lake.  Woofer was on point peg 7, Pid drew next to him on peg 8.  Upon arriving at his peg, Pid felt that he could not fish his peg due to the bush that was considerably close to the right side of his peg.  He could get up, have a pee in the bush then sit down again without moving his feet.

It was agreed that he could move, but where to?  One option was to the empty peg at the side of me, but due to the way that I was plumbing and some strategically placed pole rollers courtesy of Macca, it was agreed that peg 13 was not suitable.  By the time that it was agreed on a peg to fish, he was the last man on our match (as the other club relinquished one of their pegs) and he ended up on about peg 33 or so.

I set up 4 pole rigs, 1 rig for top 2 + 2 at the base of the near slope, one rig to fish into the corner and 2 shallow rigs.  For bait, I had 4 tins of 6mm cubed meat, and 2 bags of venue 6mm pellets and a tub of my own hard 6mm pellets for the band.

At the start of the match, I fed some meat on the short line and dropped the rig in whilst feeding the shallow pole line at about 13m at an angle pointing towards the opposite point.  After 15 minutes on the short line, I had 3 gudgeon and no carp to show for my efforts.  I decided to go shallow and see if there was anything there.

First drop in, I caught an F1 about 1lb or so.  Over the next hour or so, I caught F1's reasonably steadily, but I was not breaking any records.  I started to feed another area at 13m to my right, still in open water to try to catch fish off both lines.  I was still catching, but it did not seem to be any quicker, if anything, it seemed to be slowing down.  I went down the side on the pole rig and caught a couple of carp, but was also getting liners as it was about 3ft deep.  i decided to have a go on a shallow rig down the side.  The float shot under straight away and another F1 was soon in the net.  I caught steadily until the end of the match, fishing at 13m to open water and also at 14.5m down the side - all on shallow rigs.

I watched Stewpot and he appeared to have bagged throughout the match, fishing down both sides of his peg, Dave Wathen at the back of me had caught well late on.  I was not sure who else had caught.

Pid was the first to weigh and he set the ball rolling by putting 53lb 14oz on the scales, then there were quite a few weights between 20 - 40lb ish.  Andy Limpbiscuit had 45lb.  The scales arrived at Dave Wathen who, for some reason or other, is known as Mary to his associates put 54lb on the scales and was leading the match.  The scales arrived at my peg and I managed to have two weighs for a total of 98lb 2oz.  There were weights of 30 - 50lb before the scales arrived at Stewpots peg who by all accounts had over 100lb.  Stewpots first weight went 57lb odd.  He lifted his 2nd net out, this was going to be close.  His 2nd net went 35lb odd for total of 93lb 11oz.  I had won.  Dave Webster who was on about peg 25 or so had a mare of a day and ended up with 28lb odd.

Full Result
1.  Mike Herrington - 98lb 2oz
2.  Stuart Wilson - 93lb 11oz
3.  Dave Wathen - 54lb 4oz
4.  Paul Farley - 53lb 14oz

Following my recent run of form (3 wins, 1 second and a 3rd from my last 6 matches), I had now managed to sneak into the lead in the club champion points with 188pts, Stuart Wilson was 2nd with 164 pts and Dave Webster was in 3rd with 163 points.  My team were also still leading the team weights with 3965lb and Dave Horsfall's team was in 2nd place with 3786lb.

4 matches to go.....

Match 27 - Pond 1, Wholesea Grange, Howden

Sunday 5th October 2014
I have a real love hate relationship with this place.  It either fishes well generally or it fishes naff.   The wind was blowing from peg 15 towards peg 1, as per normal.   I put my hand in the lucky bag and peg 10 stuck to my hand.  I was indifferent about the peg, there was no real features or anything and the wind was quite strong.  To my left I had stewpot Wilson on peg 9 and my team mate, Eric was to my right on peg 11.  The match in itself was a real struggle.  I managed to snare about 6 carp and couple of chub, roach and ide.  Stewpot had caught well fishing to a big lily pad to his left towards peg 8 and had a few small carp out.

First to weigh was Method Michelle who had drawn peg 2 and she put just under 29lb on the scales. Next to weigh was husband and travelling partner Dave Webster who was on peg 3, after 1 weigh, he managed to put 31lb on the scales.  Then there were weights of between 19lb to about 30lb by the time the scales arrived at Stewpots peg.  Stewpot put his fish on the scales and we had a new leader as he managed to snare 35lb on the scales.  Now it was my turn.....I struggled like mad all day for a total weight of 12lb 2oz.  Eric at the side of me had 11lb, Dave Horsfall had 4lb, Bomb'N'Pellet had 9lb, then Paul Wilco Wilson put 14lb on the scales.  Pid on peg 15 put 35lb 9oz on the scales to take the lead with 2 to weigh.  Craig McKenny was just about opposite me and put 8lb on the scales.  Last to weigh was Alan Hunter who had drawn peg 1.  After a tense minute or so, the scales settled on 36lb 6oz making Alan the winner.

Full Result:
1.  Alan Hunter - 36lb 6oz
2.  Paul Farley - 35lb 9oz
3.  Stuart Wilson - 35lb 4oz
4.  Dave Webster - 31lb 2oz.

I had come 11th.  What a mare of a day.

Match 28 - Cedar Lake, The Oaks Lakes, Sessay - Robin Hood AC Fur and Feather

Sunday 12th October 2014

I came up the day before and fished the Saturday open match on this lake and came 6th from peg 79 with a weight of 70lb and ended up winning my section.  There were a couple of weights from peg 69 and 72, other than that it was a struggle on the high numbers.  The consistent pegs were the low numbers.  A quick chat with Tom and it was agreed that we could have the low numbers, pegs 1 - 27 for our match.

In view of this match being the Fur and Feather, the peg fee was subsidised and we only had pools to pay on the day. I put my hand in the lucky bag and managed to get peg 26, which put me as the end peg.  A quick check of the weights from this area yesterday and it showed that they were nearer last than first with most weights coming from peg 2 round to peg 15.  I managed to pick up the odd fish from here and there - mainly across on the shelf - for a total weight of 33lb, beaten by Woofer, Webster and Stewpot.

Full Result

1.  Stuart Wilson - peg 15 - 56lb
2.  Paul Clough - Peg 6 - 49lb 8oz
3.  Dave Webster - 36lb 10oz
4.  Mike Herrington - 33lb 10oz.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Matches 21 - 25

Match 21 - Partridge Lake, Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk - 24th August 2014

Sunday 24th August 2014

The matches at Woodlands Lakes are always well attended as anyone can compete and the venue lends itself to a variety of methods and baits.  Partridge Lake is the venue where the current club match record stands.  If I remember rightly, Dave Webster set it last year (I held it previously at 149lb from Skylark 23 a couple of years ago) from about peg 23 on Partridge Lake with 165/166lb ish and caught from start to end.  This sort of weight is very respectable for the venue and is up there with some of the open match weights.  I have a habit of drawing in the 30's on this lake and this match was no exception as I drew peg 32.  I had Jason Langshaw to my right on peg 34 and Eric the Pheasant drew his usual corner peg 36.

I could see that big Macca was catching steady down the edge to the next platform, some of them were right lumps, on about peg 7 or 8.  I was catching steadily as was Jason. This was going to be close...

Macca had 4 weighs and put a combined total of 150lb exactly on the scales - I really didn't think that he had that!!!!   Jason Langshaw just pipped me and put 105lb 6oz on the scales, most of which came on the bomb or method to the middle of the lake or short chuck at 16m.  I managed to snare 102lb 2oz for 3rd, catching most of my fish either shallow on the pole or down the edge.

Full Result
1.  John McCall - 150lb
2.  Jason Langshaw - 105lb 6oz
3.  Mike Herrington - 102lb 2oz
4.  Stuart Wilson - 92lb 2oz

I was still in 3rd place in the Club Champion points with 137 pts, only one behind Stuart Wilson who had 138pts and Dave Webster was still out in front with 157 pts.

My team was still in first place in the Team competition with 3192lb and Dave Websters team was in 2nd place with 3115lb.

9 matches to go......

Match 22 - Osprey Lake, Kippax Lakes, Leeds - 31st August 2014

Sunday 31st August 2014

There were quite a few absentees on this match including both of the front runners in the club champion stakes.  I had better get my finger out and make it count....

I drew peg 8 which is halfway down the first bank on the lake.  On our last match on this lake, this area struggled and most of the weights came from the corner pegs.  Anyway 5 hours later, I had managed to put 68lb on the scales for a win.  I had caught all my fish on pellet at 13m just in front of the sedges.  I had tried in the shallower water, tighter to the island, but foul-hooked and lost most of the fish that I hooked.  Barry Hunter was 2nd with 57lb and Woofer Clough was 3rd with 55lb.

Full Result
1.  Mike Herrington - 68lb 12oz
2,  Barry Hunter - 57lb 60z
3.  Paul Clough - 55lb 12oz
4.  Paul Wilson - 41lb 8oz

Match 23 - Match Lake, Sykehouse Lake, Doncaster - 7th September 2014

Sunday 7th September 2014

Given my result from the last match on this lake, I was quite apprehensive and was hoping for a better draw.  I walked around the pond and again, the wind was blowing into the bay pegs, as before.  I put my hand in the lucky bag and snared peg 10, right bank, bit too far away from where I wanted to be.  I had Mark Wright to my right and we had an agreement, he fishes on the deck on the bomb and pellet and I fish shallow.  I fished with the pole shallow on both jigga and fixed shallow rigs at 14.5m for most of the match, bar a couple of looks down the edge on worm over grounbait.

5 hours and 3 weighs later, I put 127lb 8oz on the scales.  Pid was on peg 26 and put 114lb on the scales and Dave Horsfall was 3rd with 98lb.  Mark to my right weighed in 81lb all on bomb and pellet with a couple of fish down the edge.

Full Result
1.  Mike Herrington - 127lb 8oz
2.  Paul Farley - 114lb 2oz
3.  Dave Horsfall - 98lb 14oz
4.  Craig McKenny - 88lb 2oz

Match 24 - Little Adams, Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster - 14th September 2014

Sunday 14th September 2014

This match really annoyed me (biting my tongue here!!) on so many levels.  I generally go fishing once per week and was really looking forward to this match.  We had booked 26 pegs on a 32 peg lake, so were hopeful to have the full lake, including what I consider to be the best pegs on the spit/arm - pegs 28 - 32.  If we had the full lake, we could hopefully leave out the riverbank pegs (the ones with the river behind you) which are 21 - 27 as they hardly ever win a penny.  I have fished this lake 4 times previously and drew peg 4 (weighed in 34lb) wind off my back and everyone on pegs 13 - 20 caught.  Peg 24 - weighed in 54lb, but only after everyone else packed up and left and I had the bank to myself, Peg 25 and had 30lb and finally peg 25 again - weighed in 12lb for 2nd on my bank (13lb won the bank).  So.....

I arrived at the venue to find that we did not have the full lake, AND, that there were some people ALREADY fishing the lake, AND they were on the best pegs on the spit, AND they were catching fish.  This was going to really ruin the match for us.  To make matters even worse, I put my hand in the lucky (or not so lucky) bag and drew peg 22 - ON THE RIVERBANK, AGAIN!!!!  I was not a happy teddy bear.  For company, I had Bomb 'n' Pellet at the side of me on peg 23, and both Woofer and Dave Webster were on my bank on pegs 25 and 26 respectively.

The wind was blowing from the corner near me (peg 21) diagonally across the lake to peg 4.  I managed to snare half a dozen carp shallow on pellet and long pole and some bits and bats for a combined weight of 40lb plus.  Method Michelle chalked up her 3rd win this year from about peg 7 or 8 with 78lb 4oz caught on either method or bomb on the pole line, just ouncing Bomb 'n' Pellet who ended up 2nd with 78lb exactly.  Stuart Wilson took 3rd place with 47lb 8oz from peg 16.  I ended up joint 4th with Jason Grimshaw  Langshaw.

Woofer ended up with 32lb and Dave ended up with 16lb.

Full result
1.  Michelle Webster - 78lb 4oz
2.  Mark Wright - 78lb
3.  Stuart Wilson - 47lb 8oz
4.  Mike Herrington & Jason Langshaw - 43lb 4oz

Match 25 - Kestrel Lake, Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk

21st September 2014

I hadn't fished Kestrel Lake at Woodlands for a good few years.  The last time that I fished this particular lake was on the last Fishomania qualifier that I fished a few years ago.  I drew peg 4 (for the 3rd year in succession) and tipped back 3 or 4 carp.  I had James Dent at the side of me on this Fisho match who fished for a couple of hours, then went to the pub for the rest of the match.

I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 29.  I arrived at my peg and it took me longer to get my seatbox level/stable without slipping back than it did to set up the rest of my gear.  I had Pid to my right on peg 30 and Bomb N Pellet to my left on peg 27.

There are some big carp in Kestrel lake now, with a the biggest reported at 27lb, which was caught earlier this year.

Both Pid and I started short, I had nothing whilst Pid's first fish was about 13lb, then he had another about 10lb, so he has 23lb in the first 20 mins.  We both then went out on long pole - shallow and we were sharing the fish.  He would catch one, then nothing, then I would catch one, then nothing and vice versa.  It got to the point where we were waiting ages for bites, so I decided to come off the long pole line and fish the pellet waggler mid water towards the middle of the lake.

Rumours were travelling up and down the bank that there were huge fish coming out all over the place. Not for me unfortunately.  I was catching some fish, but possibly not enough.  Stuart and Webster we both catching.  Stuart was on corner peg 35/36 and Webster was on about peg 11 or 13.

I came short in the last hour, but did not have much, so was swapping between the pellet waggler and long pole shallow.

Come the weigh in, by the time that the scales reached me, Dave Horsfall was leading with 71lb from corner peg 17/18 on the first bank.  Then back up weights of 50 - 65lb were bountiful.

I had two weighs and put 42lb on first weigh, then 42lb on for 2nd weigh for a good split and a total weight of 84lb.  The scales arrived at Pid's peg and he managed to plonk 99lb on the scales.  Stuart was last to weigh and had two weighs and ended up with 60 odd pounds.

Full Result
1.  Paul Farley - 99lb 1oz
2.  Mike Herrington - 84lb
3.  Dave Horsfall - 71lb 12oz
4.  Mark Wright - 65lb

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Matches 16 - 20

Match 16 - Match Lake, Sykehouse Lakes, Nr Doncaster - 20th July 2014
Having never fished this lake, I was blind in terms of tactics, methods, bait, etc, etc.  I spoke with Andy Limpbiscuit who had been down and practised a few days before our match and he said it is shallow, shallow, shallow - all on pellet waggler.  I had a quick walk around and fancied pegs 16 - 24, primarily due to the way that the wind was blowing.  These pegs are pretty much in a bay and the wind was blowing into the bay.  I put my hand in the bag and peg 30 stuck to my hand.  I couldn't really get any further away from where I wanted to be.  Anyway 5hrs later, I had caught a few fish, although not enough.  I was last to weigh.

At one point, it started raining and given the warm weather both Limpbiscuit and Paul 'Castaway' Wilson sat out in the rain in just their shorts.  But the rain won in the end.  It was raining so bad, they both relented and put their waterproofs on, I think more from a point of view of keeping warm rather than dry.

Stuart Wilson won the match fishing worm on the deck and shallow and ended up with 94lb dead from about peg 17.  2nd was Dave Webster from about peg 12 who fished pellet shallow all day for 84lb 8oz.  Dave Horsfall took 3rd with 84lb 4oz from about peg 22 (the one at the top of the bay that looks down the long straight towards peg 7).  I had Lurch Moorhead near me who managed to stay for the weigh in and put 39lb 12oz on the scales.  The scales arrived at me and after 2 weighs, I managed 58lb 12oz for about 10th place, so a good match in all as there were plenty of fish caught.  I had lost a few method feeders on some roots (I was casting down the bank) and managed to get a couple of fish on the pellet waggler and a couple of fish from the next platform.

Full Result
1.  Stuart Wilson - 94lb
2.  Dave Webster - 84lb 8oz
3.  Dave Horsfall - 84lb 4oz
4.  Mark Wright - 81lb 10oz

Match 17 - Partridge Lake, Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk - 27th July 2014
I put my hand in the lucky bag and peg 14 stuck to my hand.  I had Paul 'Woofer' Clough to my left on peg 12 and Mark Wright to my right on peg 16.  Michelle drew one out of the corner on Partridge lake.  I caught a few shallow on the pole, and then some on the pellet waggler, then a couple down the edge late on.  I was going to be there or thereabouts today.

Andy 'Limpbiscuit' Limbert put 107lb 10oz on the scales, fishing at 14 - 16m shallow with pellet for most of the day.  Woofer had 39lb 6oz at the side of me.  I had 3 weighs for a total of 106lb 12oz.  Mark put 30lb 11oz on the scales and Michelle went on to win the match with 142lb dead, all caught on the method to the boards.  I could see her at the end and she was cranking fish in.  This is Michelle's PB match weight and was her first 'ton'.  Well done.

Full Result
1.  Michelle Webster - 142lb
2.  Andy Limbert - 107lb 10oz
3.  Mike Herrington - 106lb 12oz
4.  Dave Webster - 82lb 1oz

A good payday for Mr and Mrs Webster.

From the Club Champion points perspective, I was still languishing in 3rd place on 108pts, Stuart Wilson had 121pts in 2nd and Dave Webster was leading the points with 132pts.

My team however, was still leading the team weight with a combined weight of 2567lb.  Dave Horsfall's team had sneaked into 2nd place with 2421lb and Dave Websters team was in 3rd with 2418lb.

Match 18 - Pond 1, Wholesea Grange, Howden - 3rd August 2014
Here we were, back at Wholesea Grange.  Following our last match here, I was a little bit more confident with regards to the venue.  At the draw, I put my hand in the bag and snared peg 6, one off where I was on the last match.  For some reason, the venue seems to fish totally different, and more difficult from the last match that we had here.  Michelle drew peg 14 and had 3 weighs to put 110lb 15oz on the scales by casting the method over to the shallow bar on the opposite bank near the big bush.  Damn, 2 x 100lb+ match weights in two matches and two wins on the bounce.  Must have something good in her method mix. 2nd went to Pid from peg 1 - totally opposite end of the lake, who had 78lb 4oz.  He snapped a topkit whilst fishing next to some reeds and went in for it, the water only just got his ankles wet LOL.  Dave Webster took 3rd with 65lb dead.

Full Result
1.  Michelle Webster - 110lb 15oz
2.  Paul Farley - 78lb 4oz
3.  Dave Webster - 65lb dead
4.  Paul Clough -- 45lb 15oz

I ended up 5th with 44lb 7oz.

Match 19 - Oasis Lake, Lindholme Lakes, Epworth - 10th August 2014
I am sure that anyone that went fishing this day will remember it.  It was the horriblest and scariest days fishing for many years.  It was thundering and lightening from just about the start of the match for about 4 hours, and it rained incessantly to the end of the match (and long after).  We had pegs 2 round to peg 35 ish.  I drew peg 24/25 and I fished the long pole across to the far side for most of the match and was shipping my pole back underneath the cabin that had appeared behind me.  I was terrified when lifting the pole up to net a fish due to the thunder and lightening. I fished worm over groundbait and pellets.  I caught my first eel in a long long time on this match.  I caught steadily throughout the match and felt that I had done well, given the weather conditions.

There were some good weights spread out up and down the match.  Mark Wright set the ball rolling with 66lb from about peg 4.  Pid had 63lb.  I think that I had that.  There were plenty of weights between 30 - 60lb by the time that the scales arrived at my peg.  I had two weighs for a combined weight of 95lb 2oz and a win.

Full Result
1.  Mike Herrington - 95lb 2oz
2.  Mark Wright - 66lb 10oz
3.  Paul Farley - 63lb 12oz
4.  Stuart Wilson - 58lb dead

Match 20 - Maple Lake, The Oaks Lakes, Thirsk - 17th August 2014
We had the high numbers for this match from peg 35 round to peg 68.  I put my hand in the bag and drew a peg that I quite fancied, peg 66 which is one of the pegs with your back to the road near to the cafe.  I struggled again.  I could not get good presentation on the pole across due to the wind and was getting pestered by both ducks and crayfish...again.  I had no margin due to the height and depth of the reeds both left and right.  By the end of the match, I had been battered and ended up with 29lb for no good (10th place).

Full Result
1.  Paul Clough - 57lb 15oz (peg 57)#
2.  Andy Limber - 48lb 10oz
3.  Craig McKenny - 47lb 11oz
4.  Paul Wilson - 43lb 2oz

The next five matches to follow...

Massive update

The last time that I updated my blog was just after match 10 at Wholesea Grange.  The season has finally finished after match 30.  A brief synopsis of each match as follows:

Match 11 - Partridge Lake, Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk - 15th June 2014
This was the 2nd leg of my knockout with Andy Limbert and I was carrying a 10lb advantage.  I could keep a close eye on Andy as we were pegged next to each other, Andy was on peg 29 and I was on peg 31.  Dave Webster went on to win the match with 119lb 4oz from about peg 23. Both Andy and I had caught - shallow initially, then down the edge and there was not a lot in it.  Andy put 99lb on the scales, now it was my turn.  I needed 90lb (as I had 10lb already) and after 2 weighs, I managed to put 86lb 12oz on the scales.  I was one fish short.  Damn.  Andy took 2nd place overall, Stuart Wilson had 90lb made up of 50lb of silver fish and 40lb of carp.  I ended up 4th and knocked out of the club knockout. :-(

Full Result:
1.  Dave Webster - 119lb 4oz
2.  Andy Limbert - 99lb
3.  Stuart Wilson - 90lb 2oz
4.  Mike Herrington - 86lb 12oz

Match 12 - Bonsai Lake, Lindholme Lakes, Epworth - 22nd June 2014
I had quite a dilemna today as it was my wedding Anniversary.  The missus let me out on remand for good behaviour, so off fishing I went.  We had pegs 20 - 41 (ish).  I drew peg 20 (or was it 21) which put me one out of the corner where the flagpole is when you come in to the complex.   I had Big Macca at the side of me who was a little worse for wear and was still carrying a hangover from the night before.  At one point, I had to act as nurse maid as he had cut himself on a tin of meat and I super-glued and taped his hand up, then his fishing pole came apart and he jumped in for it and I had to help him out.  I am sure that was going to cost me. LOL.   I caught a few shallow fishing towards the end of the island at 13m and then had a few late on down the edge for a reasonable weight.  I was first to weigh and managed to put 85lb 4oz on the scales.  Macca did well to put 31lb on the scales, given the state that he was in.  Then there was a few weights between 40 - 70lb.  Dave Webster raised the bar higher with a weight of 95lb 6oz from peg 30 fishing pellet shallow on his short line, Pid Farley put 70lb on the scales and Stuart Wilson was last to weigh from peg 40 and managed to put 93lb on the scales made up of silvers and carp on worm and caster.  There was only me from my team of 4 here today, so had it all to do.

Full Result
1.  Dave Webster - 95lb 6oz
2.  Stuart Wilson - 93lb 4oz
3.  Mike Herrington- 85lb 4oz
4.  Paul Farley - 70lb 10oz

Match 13 - Cedar Lake, The Oaks Lakes, Thirsk - 29th June 2014
Cedar Lake was my old hunting ground when I used to run the matches here for a few years.  We had the high number pegs 55 - 80.  Today turned out to be a frustrating day.  I arrived at my peg to realise that it never gets put in on matches as there was no margin swim, so I had to spend 15 - 20 mins cutting reeds out to create a margin swim (which as it transpired turned out to be fruitlless) I caught a carp across within the first minute or so, then got crayfished out for the rest of the match on that line.  I started loose feeding across and then got harassed by ducks on that line.  I ended catching (or not as the case may be) by feeding hard pellets and fishing little blobs of paste on the top 2 + 1 line.  I managed to put 34lb 9oz on the scales for about 7th in the match.

Full Result
1.  Stuart Wilson - 84lb 9oz - method feeder across - Peg 72 (because he had forgot his pole)
2.  Paul Farley - 54lb 12oz - pole across - peg 77
3.  Dave Webster - 50lb 12oz - peg 59
4.  Jason Langshaw - 50lb 4oz - peg 56

My Team were still carrying an overall weight advantage in the team event with a combined weight of 1848lb after 13 matches.  Dave Websters team was in 2nd place with a combined weight of 1728lb.

Overall Club Champion, Following a disasterous start, I was sitting in 3rd place with 80 points, Dave Webster was in 2nd place on 94 points and Stuart Wilson was leading the Club Champion points with 98 points.  You are awarded 11 points for a win, down to 1 point for coming 11th or higher.  If you did not attend you did not receive any points.

Match 14 - Lapwing Lake, Kippax Lakes, Leeds - 6th July 2014
I drew peg 20 (ish) and was so so about the peg.  Lapwing is a lake that I have rarely fished, nor have I done well when I have fished it, but then again, you have to be in it to win it.  By the end of the match, I had managed to weigh in 52lb 2oz for 4th place beaten by Stuart Wilson who had 90lb from about peg 25, who caught short all day.  He said to me after the match, that he never fishes long and only fishes short with the intention that he will pull fish short from the other bank.  if you feed the other bank, they do not want to go anywhere else....method in his madness, I guess.  2nd place went to Dave Webster who had 67lb 10oz from about peg 7 and 3rd place went to Paul Clough who ounced me with 52lb 6oz.

Full Result
1.  Stuart Wilson - 90lb 8oz
2.  Dave Webster - 67lb 10oz
3.  Paul Clough - 52lb 6oz
4.  Mike Herrington - 52lb 2oz

Match 15 - Pond 1, Wholesea Grange, Howden - 13th July 2014
As with Kippax Lakes, Wholesea Grange has always been less than favourable to me for one reason or another.  On this match I drew peg 7 and had Dave Webster next to me on peg 6, this was going to be interesting.  I fed my margin swim and only had a couple of bits off it.  On the deck at 8m, where it was about 7ft deep, I managed 1 carp and a couple of bits.  Most of my fish (and Dave's) came shallow at between 14 - 16m out.  Dave was first to weigh and after a couple of weighs, he had 77lb odd.  I had 2 weighs and ended up with about 69lb.  I played a carp of about 5lb for about 10 mins on white hydro, I could not do anything with it and in this time, Dave had about 5 or 6 carp of about 2lb each.  Note to self....must pull harder with the pulla kit.

Full Result
1.  Dave Webster - 77lb (ish)
2.  Mike Herrington - 69lb (ish)

Not sure of the exact weights or the other places as I do not have them to hand.

A further update will follow...

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