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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Robin Hood AC - Round 10 - Wholesea Grange Fishery, Howden

This week Robin Hood AC were at Wholesea Grange Fishery, Howden on pond 2.  Pond 2 is full of ide and carp and nearly every peg is a Mr Crabtree peg - with either a over-hanging bush, reeds, lily pads, island or all of the aforementioned features, everyone has something to fish to, feature-wise.  There are approximately 38 pegs on the pond.

By the time of the draw, there were 21 of us in attendance and Andy Limbert and I were fishing the first leg of our club knockout, the 2nd leg is taking place next week at Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk.

I put my hand in the lucky bag and snared peg 7.

Reeds to the left of the peg - these were about 18m away.

Small clump of lily pads out in front of me.


I set up my 11ft Method Feeder rod which is really geared up.  It has 6lb Guru Drag Line and I fish with .19 and .21 hook-lengths on it.  My idea was to cast to the clump of reeds and basically hit and hold any fish that I hook.

My first pole rig was a 4x16 Colmic Jolly to fish chopped worm and caster straight in front of me at 11m.
I then set up two margin rigs - one to the left and one to the right.  I had about 2ft to my left and about 3ft to my right.  The left hand margin rig had a 4 x 14 Preston Durafloat and the right hand swim had a 4 x 14 chimp float.  Both margin swims were attached to Preston Innovations 15h elastic.

For bait I had 1kg of worms, 3 pts casters, some 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellets, 2 tins of corn, 6mm Dynamite Baits hard pellets and a 50/50 mix of Sonubaits Krill and Sonubaits Crushed Expander groundbait.  
Pellets, casters, worms, groundbait and corn.  The worms are under the towel, to stop them drying out.

The Match

I big potted some chopped worm, caster and corn at 11m and then baited up the method feeder with a 6mm hard pellet and cast it over to the reeds.  I set it down and was just picking up my catapult to fire some pellets over the top, when whooooosh, the freespool on my Shimano reel was spinning away.  I picked up the rod and proceeded to drag the carp out of the reeds.

My first fish was about 2lb and did not have much chance.  Mike 1 - Fish 0.

I re-baited and cast back out.  A minute or so later, fish 2 was on and then in the net.

I fished the method for the next hour or so and managed to catch 10 carp between 12 oz - 4lb ish for a total of about 25lb or so.  Craig MC had caught a couple of small carp, Frank was struggling as were most people from what I could see.

I fished the method for another 30 minutes or so and snared one more carp and lost 3 (they had kited into the reeds and shed the hook).

I had occasionally been feeding the worm line and I decided now was the time to have a look on the worm line.

I baited up with a small piece or worm, lowered the rig in and waited, and waited and waited.  Nothing.  I had been continually flicking some casters over the top of the float so decided to try double caster.  I dropped in, the float dipped, then sailed under.  Fish on.  Unfortunately it was a roach about 2 oz.

I decided to have another look on the method feeder and after 20 minutes, I had added one more pastie sized carp.

Going into the last hour, I decided to fish worm short for anything that swims in order to put a few more fish in the net.

I plumbed up on top 2 + 3 and found it was about 4.5ft deep.  I added some groundbait to my chopped worm mix to enable me to throw little balls of chopped worm and caster out over the top of the float.

I baited up with a small piece of worm, and dropped the rig in and proceeded to through little nuggets of bait over the top.  The float slowly went under, I struck and I was into a carp.  After a brief tussle, I soon had a carp about 4lb in the net.

I proceeded to fish this line until the end of the match and managed to catch a couple more carp and some ide and roach to add to my final tally.  Meanwhile, Craig MC was, and had been, bagging on the method for the last 3 hours or so, catching little stockie carp, one a bung more or less.

That was it match over.

I estimate that I had about 35 - 40lb ish and I was not sure how much Andy had caught.

I caught up with the scales at peg 4 (Stupot Wilson) and top weight was 39lb.  Stupot had a couple of weighs for a total of 64lb 8oz, Wilco Wilson put 45lb on the scales.  Gaz Jowett put 37lb on the scales.  Now it was my turn.  I put my first net on the scales and it went 24lb odd.  I then put my 2nd net on the scales and that went 25lb odd for a total of 50lb 1oz.  Frank to my left had 32lb, Dave Wathen had a similar weight.  Webster was next to weigh and put a total of 62lb on the scales.  I followed the scales round and finally arrived at Andy Limbert.  Andy put his first net on the scales and had 30lb.  He then pulled out his second net and put 10lb on the scales for a total of 40lb 15oz.  I had a 9lb 2oz (don't forget the 2oz) lead going into the second leg.

There were a few more weights of about 30 - 40lb ish and the scales finally arrived at Craig MC's peg.  Craig had 2 weighs for a total of 69lb 7oz.

My travelling partner, Frontrow Harrison was 2nd last with 15lb odd from peg 19.

I had come 4th.

The club have a team of 4 competition going based on total weights and after 9 matches the table is as follows:

My Team (Team 6) are doing well in the overall team weight competition - this is correct as at last week and this week's weight needs adding to the above.
Full Result:
1.  Craig McKenny - Peg 28 - 69lb 7oz (Method Feeder)
2.  Stuart Wilson - Peg 4 - 64lb 8oz (Worm/Caster top 5)
3.  Dave Webster - Peg 11 - 62lb 9oz (Method then meat down the edge)
4.  Mike Herrington - Peg 7 - 50lb 1oz (method then worm short)
5.  Paul Wilson - Peg 5 - 45lb 2oz.(worm short and long)

It was quite a good match in that the majority of people had between 30 - 40lb and it was made up of a mixed bag of ide, roach, skimmers and stockie carp in the main.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Robin Hood AC Round 9 - Sykehouse Lakes - Stockpond

For round 9 of the league we were on the Stock Pond at Sykehouse Fisheries near Goole.  Daz wasn't in attendance so I travelled with Chris 'Lurch' Moorhead.  Following a breakfast at the local George hotel in Sykehouse we arrived at the venue.  The club had a match on the venue last year and the winners came from the pegs in the twenties.

There is 31 pegs on Stock Pond, but they usually leave out peg 31.  The pond is approx 15 - 20ft deep in places and about 10-12ft deep at 10m out.

By the time of the draw, there was about 16/17 of us on the match.  I put my hand in the bag and peg 15 stuck to my hand.  I arrived at my peg to find that I had Woofer Clough on peg 13 and Lurch Moorhead on peg 17.  Paul 'Wilco' Wilson, Ian 'Syd' Waddell, Gaz Jowett, Pid Farley and Craig McKenny were all on the favoured pegs in the 20's.

The view from peg 15

The left hand margin

I set up my pellet waggler rod and the pole with the following rigs:

Rigs 1, 2 and 3
Rig 1 was was an in-line dibber float set to fish about 18" deep.
Rig 2 was a Jigga float set to fish between 6" - 2.5ft deep.
Rig 3 was a 4 x 14 Carpa Gent set to fish to the margin to my left and right and was set at about 5ft deep (that was the depth as close to the margin that I could get).

Some bait - keep it simple.
For bait, I had some mixed 6mm cubed meat with corn and some 6mm and 8mm pellets.

The Match got under way and I had a quick look to both my left and right margin swims - just in case something was milling about down the edge.  After a fruitless 15 - 20 minutes, I decided it was time to have a look out on the long pole shallow.

I went out on the jigga rig and proceeded to work the bait up and down whilst feeding some 6mm pellets over the top.  I had been lifting and working the bait for approx 10 minutes or so, when all of a sudden there was a couple of swirls around my float and then it sailed under slowly.  I lifted into the fish, it then decided to wake up.  I shot off to the dark and deep depths - it must have gone down about 6 fathoms before it got the bends and decided to come to the top.  After a frantic battle my biggest cap of the day was in the landing net (see photo below).

I proceeded to fish the long pole line for another fruitless 30 minutes or so.

Now it was time to have a go on the pellet waggler.  I cast out the pellet waggler to about 30 yards and fed some 8mm pellets over the top.  The waggler shot under and I was in.  Some 10 seconds later, it had got off. Crap!!

Lurch Moorhead had managed to snare a couple of carp, Dave Webster, who was on peg 8 had managed to snare 3 carp shallow on the long pole and I could see that generally everyone was struggling.  There was literally no wind whatsoever.  The lake was flat calm.  It was possible to see carp cruising around all over the place.

I started to try casting towards the fish topping, but in doing so, they bolted off out of the peg.

I managed to snare another 9 carp over the duration of the match (2 on pole and 7 on pellet waggler) for a total of 10 carp.  I also caught a couple of skimmers and roach on the long pole shallow.  I had a bottle-top skimmer down the edge on double corn.

I could see that Wilco had caught a few down the margins late on.  Woofer Clough was stringing a few fish together.  Eric the Pheasant, Webster, Stu-pot Wilson, Big Macca and Wrighty were all struggling on the low numbers (pegs 1 - 10).  Moorhead had caught a few carp, but hopefully he was playing catchup with me.  I could see that Craig and Pid had also caught a few fish.

That was it, time, end of the match.

The scales started at Wrighty's peg and he set the ball rolling with 17lb, then there were weights of 20lb (Macca), 23lb (Stu-pot), 26lb (Webster), 19lb (Eric).  The scales arrived at Woofers peg and he plonked 39lb 7oz on the scales.  I lifted my net out (it was going to be close) and managed to plonk 39lb 2oz on the scales.  Moorhead was still here and put 27lb on the scales (PHEW!!!).  Dave Wathen put 39lb on the scales.  Michelle Webster has just got a sponsorship deal with Sharkskin wetsuits after going into the lake to retrieve a topkit that had got dragged off her pole.  She managed to get the topkit (and fish) back and put 19lb on the scales.  That is the 3rd time this year that she had had a lake bath (Barnburgh - to find her glasses and The Oaks were her previous swimming lessons).  I think that she is in secret training for the triathlon, but has not quite made it to the cycle and running part yet.  It is a good job she has a pair of big water wings.  I was currently in 2nd place with the twenties to weigh.

The scales arrived in the twenties.  After a couple of weighs, Wilco Wilson put 88lb on the scales, Gaz Jowett had 43lb, Syd Waddell had 46lb, Pid weighed in 50lb and MC Mckenny put 41lb on the scales.

Here's one that I caught earlier.
Full Result:

1. Paul Wilson - 88lb 9oz (peg 23 ish)
2. Paul Farley - 50lb 9oz (peg 29)
3. Ian Waddell - 46lb 15oz (peg 25 ish)
4. Gary Jowett - 43lb 13oz (peg 24 ish)
5. Craig McKenny - 41lb 14oz (peg 30)

Wholesea Grange, Pond 2 next week.

Tight Lines 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Kippax, Woodlands and Sykehouse

Kippax Lakes, Leeds - Osprey Lake.

Got 3 matches to catch up on.  Last weekend, I fished round 8 of the Robin Hood AC League at Kippax Lakes, Leeds.  We were on Osprey again.  O Crap, that said on our last match here I was a happy 5th from this lake.  Did I fair any better this time?

Due to how difficult it was on our last match here, there was only 13 of us in attendance.

I wanted to draw any of the 4 corner pegs (2, 15, 17, 30).  I put my hand in the lucky bag and peg 30 stuck to my hand - happy days.

I arrived at my peg to find that I had Eric the Pheasant on peg 28, Michelle was on peg 25, Dave Horsfall was on peg 23, Mark Wright was on peg 21 and Paul Wilson was on peg 18 (17 not in).  In addition, there was no one on peg 2, instead I had Dave Webster on peg 1.  We have fished this lake a few times and this was the first time that I had known for peg 1 to be put in.  Hmmmm.

I set up the obligatory 9ft method rod and mini baitrunner. Then I made up 3 pole rigs:

Rig one was a 4 x 16 Colmic Jolly set to fish top 2 + 2 straight out in front of me where it was about 5.5-6ft deep.

Rig two was a 4 x 14 float set to fish about 2ft deep across to the island.  The end of the island was about 14m away, but was featureless, so I added the 16m section to my Garbolino M1 and fished away to the left where I had some reeds growing out of the island and upon  plumbing up I found that I had 2ft deep.  I put on a heavier rig as there were some reed strands under the water and needed to ensure that my float (and bait) had settled correctly.

Rig three was my margin rig.  I plumbed up to the platforms to both left and right (the platform to my right is peg 31 which is rarely used in matches) and found that I had about 3ft deep to them both.

For bait I had a couple of pints of white maggots (for the top 2 + 2 line), 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellets, some 6mm hard pellets and some micro pellets for the method feeder. I also knocked up a bag of Sonu-Baits krill groundbait (for potting down the margin - and for the method if needed) and I also had a tin of corn.

That's it, I was ready.

The match started, I went straight out to the island with the long pole and lowered the rig in near the reeds, the float settled for all of 15 seconds, then buried.  I was into my first carp of the day (hopefully), as I was bringing my fish in, Eric had got a bite on his pole and where as my fish was about 1lb, Eric's was about about 7lb.  Crap, I was playing catchup all ready.  I managed to get a couple more carp claw back some of the deficit, that everything went wrong.  I received a call from work!!!!  The time was now 10.42.

I am the manager of a domiciliary home care company employing some 80 staff or so and one of our clients wanted to bring their father home from hospital (yes on a Sunday) and wanted us to provide round the clock care for a few weeks or more.  I had my admin staff ringing me, the Director of the company ringing me, the Associate Director ringing me, the client ringing me, the carers ringing me.  This went on for the next couple of hours.  I finally managed to resolve the issue and got one of my live-in carers to go and the client was able to be sent home from hospital.  I sent a text to my boss at 12.36 saying that it was all sorted out.

Although I had still been fishing during this time, I wasn't really fishing, I was just going through the motions as I was not focused on what I was doing.  I had however managed to snare a couple of carp and roach during this time.  Unfortunately, fishing does not pay the mortgage and work does!!!

Right, back to the fishing.  It had gone belly up in this two hour spell.  Dave on peg 1 had caught a couple of carp and had a bream that was about 4lb.  Eric the Pheasant had managed to get another couple of carp.  I was still playing catch up.

There was not bites forthcoming from the island, and I could only catch roach and small bottle-top skimmers on the short 2 + 2 rig.

I decided to go down the side to the next platforms to see if I could get any signs.  I dropped in to the left margin and after a fruitless 10 - 15 minutes, I had lost one fish - I got a dip, struck, the fish went to the middle of the lake and then the hook pulled, I had it on for about 5 seconds.

I went to the margin to my right and after about 10 minutes, I managed to get one about 4lb.  That made me feel better.  I proceeded to fish the margins for the duration of the match.  That's it.  Match over.

I walked around with the scales and everyone asked me what I had caught - I replied not a lot and they said that I was lying as rumour had it was that I had caught.  Webster set the ball rolling by putting 22lb on the scales.  Frank Brook (the winner of the last match here with 39lb) was next to weigh and plonked 5lb on the scales.  Frontrow Harrison was on my peg from the last match (peg 6) and was the new leader with 22lb 8oz.  He asked what I had caught and I said about 20lb or so (with my fingers crossed in my pockets).

There were a few weights between 15lb and 26lb or so.  Then the scales arrived at Paul Wilson and he promptly plonked 47lb 3oz on the scales from peg 18.  Mark Wright was next to weigh and managed to put 47lb 1oz on the scales from peg 21.  Dave Horsfall had 26lb 6oz, Michelle had 15lb, The Pheasant had 22lb 13oz.  I was last to weigh.  I lifted my first net out and put 6 carp on the scales, I then lifted my second net out and put another 4 carp with them and the scales bounced around to 29lb 11oz.  I had managed to snare 3rd place.

Full Result

1.  Paul Wilson (Peg 18) - 47lb 3oz
2.  Mark Wright (Peg 21) - 47lb 1oz
3.  Mike Herrington (Peg 29) - 29lb 11oz
4.  Ian Waddell (Peg 10 ish) - 27lb
5.  Dave Horsfall (Peg 23) - 26lb 6oz

Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk

I fished the Whitsun Bank Holiday pairs match with one-time travelling partner - Lee Bramham (Bram).  We both wanted to fish either Skylark or Partridge, then Bram said that seeing as I had driven us both there, I could fish them.  I said no, we will flick a coin for it.  Bram flicked the coin, I called heads.  I was fishing on either Skylark or Partridge and Bram was fishing Curlew/Wagtail or Kestrel.

There was about 42 pairs on the match so we had a bit of room.

I put my hand in the bag and peg 24 on Skylark stuck to my hand.  Hmmmm, feast or famine.  Bram drew peg 15 on Wagtail.

I arrived at my peg to find that I had Josh Newton on peg 20, Steve Richards on peg 13, Gordon Poole on peg 15 and young Ross Pickles was on peg 11.

I had pellets, corn and groundbait for feed and I set up the ubiquitous bomb/pellet waggler/method rods and also 2 shallow pole rigs, 1 margin pole rig and 1 rig to fish top 2 + 2.

To cut a long story short, I ended up with 9 carp for a total of 48lb.  Bram had 6 carp for about 40lb ish.  35lb won Curlew lake, 55lb won Wagtail lake.  Jonny Maddison won the match with 135lb  from Partridge (about peg 23), 88lb won my lake from peg 18, Josh Newton was second on the lake with 83lb ish, there was a 'ton' weight from Kestrel.  Fellow Robin Hood club member Dave Webster won his section with about 73lb from Partridge 3 (or 5).

Josh Newton and Andy Dargue won the pairs match.

FellowAfter the match Robin, the pond owner, did two random peg draws to win £25 and £50 respectively.  The first random peg to be drawn was peg 3 on Partridge.  Dave had added to his funds from today.  The second random peg to be drawn was peg 11 on Skylark and seeing as Ross wasn't there (he was still fishing), they re-drew the peg.  Wagtail peg 15 came out.  Bram, the lucky so and so, had won the £50 prize.  Did he go halves??? Did he baubles!!.

Next week, we are on Stock Pond at Sykehouse.  Never fished it before.  Well, we will see.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time Flies....

Last weekend, I fished two matches, the first one was a little knock up with some of the lads from the club at Barnburgh Lakes on the bottom pond and the second match was at The Oaks Lakes, Sessay on Maple Lake.  This weekend I fished at Kippax Lakes, Leeds on Sunday and at Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk on Bank Holiday Monday, so it seems, I have a bit of catching up to do.

Barnburgh Lakes - Bottom Pond

Due to another club being on the other side of the pond, we only had a dozen or so pegs to go at, so limited it to 10 anglers.  Come the draw, there were 11 of us on the match.  The match was more to give the other anglers in the club a go on the bottom pond as it is 7ft deep with 5ft of fish in it. LOL.


Peg 14 - Eric the Pheasant
Peg 15 - Me
Peg 16 - Stuart Wilson
Peg 17 - Chris Moorhead
Peg 18 - John McCall
Peg 19 - Dave Horsfall
Peg 20 - Michelle Webster
Peg 21 - Shaun Rowley
Peg 22 -Andy Limbert
Peg 23 - Dave Webster
Peg 24 - Daz Harrison

Before the match, I had all and sundry ringing me up about the bottom pond, how do you fish it? What bait you going to use?  How do you set up your jigga rigs?  And because I wanted everyone to catch a lot of fish, I told them.  Q1.  Fish it shallow.  Q2.  Pellets, pellets and more pellets. Q3. Overshot it and then work the bait according to your bites.

I was giddy and talk was of 100lb bags all round.

I set up 3 rigs - all to fish shallow.  Two fixed shallow rigs, 1 at 2ft deep and 1 about 1ft deep and then the jigga rig set to fish between 6" to 18" deep.  Eric the Pheasant asked me what to do.  I asked him what bait did he have and he said maggots.  I said to fish top 2 or 3 down the edge.

Chris Moorhead put up his bait brolley and it resembled a parasol outside a burger bar, LOL.

Anyways, 6 hours later, we weighed in as follows:

Peg 14 - Eric the Pheasant - 88lb 4oz (his best weight yet)
Peg 15 - Me - 171lb 4oz
Peg 16 - Stuart Wilson - 109lb 9oz
Peg 17 - Chris Moorhead - 103lb 10oz (Chris was chuffed to bits with this).
Peg 18 - John McCall - 82lb 10oz
Peg 19 - Dave Horsfall - 74lb 4oz
Peg 20 - Michelle Webster - 45lb 10oz
Peg 21 - Shaun Rowley - 71lb 13oz
Peg 22 -Andy Limbert - 64lb
Peg 23 - Dave Webster - 76lb 6oz
Peg 24 - Daz Harrison - 53lb 6oz

All of my fish had come on the jigga.

Robin Hood AC - Round 7 - Oaks Lakes, Thirsk - Maple Lake

We were on the favoured high numbers and there was 19 of us on the match.  Generally the higher the peg number, the better.  I helped with the pegging out and Dave Webster said to me that we had from pegs 36 - 68 and then something about the number 33 (which I cannot recall).  I then went and pegged out starting at No. 33 Ooops.  We drew our pegs and I drew peg 41 which put me at the right-hand end of the spit.  Webster drew peg 67 (he will win it from there), Castaway Wilson was on peg 63 (old peg 62a), Big Macca drew peg 55.  I arrived at my peg to find that I had Paul Wilco Wilson on peg 39 and Ian 'Syd' Wadell on peg 43.

Andy Limbert then went to peg 33 to find another angler from another club on the peg (hence the ooops).  Due to everyone drawing their pegs, we put peg 52, 50, 68 and 56 into the draw bag and Andy drew his peg again.  He ended up on peg 52.

I mixed up half a bag of Sonubaits Supercrush Expander groundbait with the idea to fish maggots/groundbait over to the far bank.

I set up two rigs across to fish in 12 inches of water and one rig to fish to the next platform (peg 42).

The match was quite uneventful.  I managed to catch 12 carp across to the island - nothing down the edge.  I even set up a rig to fish top 2 + 1 in the deep water straight in front of me, but that was also a waste of time.

That was it, match over.  The scales arrived and Dave Webster was leading with 71lb from peg 67, Stuart Wilson had 62lb from peg 63, Andy Limbert had 49lb from peg 52, Eric the Pheasant had 47lb from peg 65 and Macca had 44lb from peg 55.  Syd Waddell put 10lb on the scales and after one weigh, I managed to put 35lb odd on the scales.  Paul Wilco Wilson put 17lb on the scales.

Full Result:

1. Dave Webster - Peg 67 - 71lb odd
2. Stuart Wilson - Peg 63 - 62lb odd
3. Andy Limber - Peg 52 - 49lb odd
4.  Eric White - Peg 65 - 47lb odd
5. John McCall - Peg 55 - 44lb
6. Mike Herrington - Peg 41 - 35lb odd

More to follow......

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Robin Hood AC - Round 6 - Woodlands Lakes, Skylark Lake.


This weekend's match was to take place at Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk.  We were on Skylark Lake.

Following a long wait for my breakfast to arrive, I was still eating my breakfast and it was time for the draw.  By the time of the draw, there were 24 of us in attendance to fish the 34 peg lake.  It was more or less going to be pegged 2 anglers, miss a peg, two anglers, miss a peg, etc.

The general rule of thumb is that you need to draw from about middle of the lake (peg 10), going down the lake to corner peg 17, then across to peg 18 and up the otherside to about peg 25.

I put my hand in the lucky (or not so lucky for some) bag and managed to snare peg 16.  I then went back to finish my breakfast.  After breakfast, I unloaded my car and went to my peg.  Eric the Pheasant was on peg 1, I stopped for a little chat with Eric.  Dave Webster had drawn peg 2, Woofer Cloughie was on peg 4.  I arrived at my peg to find that I had Macca on peg 14, 15 was empty and Stuart 'Castaway' Wilson was on peg 17.  Castaway was just checking the depth next to my platform for me - Hey Castaway, how deep is it? I asked.  About 2ft 6" LOL.  Frontrow Harrison was opposite on corner peg 18, Lurch Moorhead was next to him on 19 (opposite me), Michelle was on peg 21 and was taking part in the 2nd leg of her knockout against Pid Farley who had drawn peg 30 up at the other end.  Michelle was carrying a 25lb advantage.  This was going to be close.

Hey Mick, it is 2ft 6in deep mate. 

I set up loads of gear for today as follows:

11ft Pellet Waggler rod set to fish about 18" deep.
10ft Bomb rod
9ft Method Feeder Rod

I then set up 4 pole rigs as follows:

1.  Shallow rig No. 1 on .17 Preston Powerline to a .13 Preston Powerline Hooklength, this was attached to Preston 13h elastic.

2. .4g float set to fish about 3.5ft deep at top 2 + 3 sections out in front at 10 and 2 o'clock, this was set up on .17 Preston Powerline to a .13 Preston Powerline Hooklength and was attached to Preston 15h elastic.

3.  Shallow Rig No. 2 set up on .17 Preston Powerline to a .12 Garbolino hooklength, this rig was attached to Daiwa white hydro elastic.

4.  The margin rig was a .3g Cralusso float set up on .17 Preston Powerline to a .15 Preston Powerline Hooklength and was attached to Preston 15h elastic.
Pole Rigs 1 - 4

My Set Up.

The Peg
For bait, I had a bag of Dynamite Baits Red Krill Groundbait, some venue micro with a handful of red krill groundbait mixed in for the method feeder, 6mm and 8mm hard pellets, a tin of corn, a tin of 8mm cubed meat and some 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellets.  I also had some 6mm Dynamite Baits Meaty Marine pellets as a change bait.

Just in case!

Right I was ready.

At the start of the match, I picked up rig 2 (the top 2 + 3) and baited up with a 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellet and shipped out to my left.  Castaway and Macca went out on a similar line.

I waited for my first bite of the day.  After about 5 minutes, the float buried and I was into my first fish of the day, a tench about 1lb.  I re-baited and shipped back out again, I threw some 6mm pellets over the top of the float and waited again.  After about 5 minutes, the float dipped, sailed sideways and then went under, the 2nd fish of the day was a little skimmer about 6oz.

Castaway had caught a couple of carp, also fishing pellet over pellet.  The only thing he appeared to be doing different was to put a couple of grains of corn and 8mm pellets over the top. I could see the odd carp coming out on the short line so persevered a little longer.  Whilst fishing the short line, I was also catapulting 2 - 4 x 8mm pellets out to halfway and some 6mm pellets out to the 14.5m shallow line.

After a further fruitless 10 minutes or so on the short line, I decided to have a go shallow on the pole.  Castaway had snared a couple more carp and now had 4.  Macca had caught 1 carp to my left.

I picked up shallow rig 1, baited up with an 8mm pellet and went out to 14.5m.  I was lifting and dropping the pellet (as tapping and slapping are both banned) whilst feeding a pinch of 6mm pellets.  I saw a swirl, so lifted and dropped some more and the float went under slowly and the 13h elastic was getting stretched, a bit.  Keeping the pole low, I shipped back slowly until I managed to get it on the top 2, then I started to pull the elastic and finally slid my net under the first carp of the day.  It was a common about 9lb.  That was a nice start.  Castaway was up to 7 carp on his short line still.

I went back out shallow and after a fruitless 20 minutes or so, decided to have a chuck out on the bomb rod over the 14.5m line (just in case).  5 - 10 mins on that line added nothing to the net.  Castaway was now fishing 14.5m down the boards to his right and had caught another three carp or so and now had about 10.  I still only had 1.  I chucked the bomb out to halfway and got a couple of liners, so decided to have a go on the pellet waggler.

I cast out to halfway with the pellet waggler and after a couple of minutes working the pellet waggler, I got a liner and played it for all of 10 seconds and lost it.  I was still playing catch up with Castaway.

I cast out again with the pellet waggler, the float shot under and I was into my 2nd carp of the day, after a brief tussle, I had another carp  (see picture below) in the net, all 14.5lb of it.  I was still playing catch up with Castaway.

About 15 minutes later, I caught another one on the pellet waggler, this was somewhat smaller at about 7lb or so.  The wind was strengthening all the time and the waggler float was riding the waves, presentation can't have been right.  I decided to have a go back on the bomb.  After a 10 minute wait, the tip went round slowly and the Shimano Baitrunner Reel started whirring away.  Another carp about 7lb or so was soon in the net.

Castaway had caught another one so it was 11-4 to Castaway.

I then spent the next couple of hours or so swapping between all lines (pellet waggler, bomb, method, pole shallow, short, etc) and managed to catch another 4 carp - 1 on bomb, 2 on pellet waggler and 1 on pole shallow.

We were now into the last 90 minutes of the match and I decided to cup some Dynamite Baits Red Krill groundbait to the next platform with about 10 grains of corn and the same of meat and left that for 15 minutes or so whilst I then faffed about short and caught another skimmer.

I got the margin rig and baited up with a single grain of corn and shipped out to the next peg.  The float settled, then dipped and went sideways and settled again, then went under, I was in to my 9th fish of the day.  I finally slipped the landing net under a carp about 10lb.  Castaway Wilson was also still catching the odd fish and had approximately 13 or so carp.

I fished the remainder of the match down the edge and was more or less fish for fish with Castaway.  I was big-potting a pot of groundbait after every carp. Craig McKenny had managed to snare another 3 carp on pole shallow tactics.

I finally ended up with 13 carp and Castaway had ended up with 17 or 18 carp.  Generally if you catch 17 carp on Skylark lake you have about 100lb.  I said as such to Castaway and he said that I had beaten him.  I said that I thought that I had about 75-80lb or so.  Oh well the scales will soon tell.

Eric the Pheasant set the ball rolling from peg 1 with 39lb 14oz, then Dave Webster was 2nd to weigh and put 81lb 12oz on the scales.  Next to weigh was Woofer Clough - he had 19 carp for 121lb 8oz.  Due to the shape of the lake (a slight curve), if you are on the low teens you cannot see what people are doing in the low numbers.  I was steadily sliding down the placings based on my expected weight.

There were a few weights of between 40 - 60lb and the scales finally arrived at my peg.  I lifted my first net out (8 carp) and put 51lb 1oz on the scales.  I then lifted out my 2nd net (the big fish net) and put 5 carp on the scales for 50lb 12oz for a total of 101lb 13oz, which put me into 2nd place.

Now it was Castaway's turn.  His first net went 51lb 6oz.  When he lifted his 2nd net out, I was a little surprised as it went 43lb 8oz for a total of 94lb 14oz.

Frontrow Harrison put 69lb on the scales, Lurch Moorhead had 41lb 13oz, Michelle had 56lb 11oz, then there were a few more weights between 40 - 70lb.  Pid needed to have 80lb + to be in with a chance of knocking Michelle out of the knockout.  A couple of weighs later, Pid had put 72lb 3oz on the scales. Michelle was through to the next round.

Here's one I caught earlier - 14.5lb on the pellet waggler.
Full Result:

1. Paul Clough - Peg 4 - 121lb 8oz (Bomb and pellet)
2. Mike Herrington - Peg 16 - 101lb 13oz
3. Stuart Wilson - Peg 17 - 94lb 14oz
4. Dave Webster - Peg 2 - 81lb 12oz (Bomb and pellet)
5. Paul Farley - Peg 30 - 72lb 3oz

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Robin Hood AC - Round 5 - Barnburgh Lakes, Doncaster

Chris Moorhead and I agreed that today we have the 2nd leg in the club knockout competition.  I had an almighty lead of 6lb 3oz which I had carried over from Hayfield.  It was all to play for.

Barnburgh Lakes is now my adopted home.  I have fished here (excluding the feature that I did with Lee Kerry) 6 times and my lowest weight has been 65lb from peg 9 on the middle lake going up to 163lb from peg 1 on bottom pond.

Barnburgh Lakes - Today we were on Pond 2

There are 23 pegs on the middle lake at Barnburgh Lakes and by the time of the draw there were 19 of us in attendance.

I wanted to be between pegs 8 - 16, only because this is where I have seen most of the weights come from in previous matches.  Lurch and I had come down for a drive around yesterday and the match was won from peg 11, catching shallow on pellet.  I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 14
I drew Peg 14.

Yes, I was happy with that.  My adversary for the day, Lurch had drawn peg 11 - I would be able to keep an eye on him.  I asked Gary Jubb in the shop what are the corner pegs as I was on peg 14, he said to me that they are 12 and 13.  I got to my peg and started to unpack my stuff.  Then the lad that helps weighing in said that I was in the wrong peg.  I went back to Gary Jubb and he said that 12 is the corner, then 13 (is one out of the corner), DOH!

I finally got to the right peg and found that I had Jason Langshaw on peg 15, Eric the pheasant on peg 13, Barry Hunter was on 12, Chris Moorhead was on peg 11 in the corner.


I set up my trusty 11ft Shakespeare Mach 3 XT pellet waggler rod (just in case), then I set up 3 pole rigs as follows.

Rig 1 - .2g Frenzee FD200 Float on .17 preston Powerline mainline with a .11 Preston Powerline hooklength.  This was attached to Preston 11h elastic.

Rig 2 - this was one of two 'Jigga' rigs that I set up.  I set this one up to fish between 6" to 2ft deep.  Again the mainline was Preston Innovations .17 Powerline to a .11 Powerline hooklength, this rig was also attached to Preston 11h Elastic.

Rig 3 - The same rig as above, but this one was set to fish a maximum of 1ft deep

Ian Heywood Jigga Floats

For bait, I had some 4mm pellets and 6mm pellets for feeding and for the hook.  I had a ball of paste in case my plan of attack to fish shallow did not work.

That was it.  I was ready.  I went to speak to Eric the Pheasant and he asked me (in my role of Team Captain) what to do.  I asked him what bait he had and he said that he had 4pts of maggots.  I said to fish top 2 + 1 down the edge to his left (towards me) all day.  I then looked at his rig and saw that he had a knot on his line and his hook was too big.  I got my hooklengths and tied him on one of my hooklenghts (a .13 Powerline to size 16 Colmic B501).  I then told him where to plumb up and his float was standing too proud, so I added a couple of shot to get the float right for him.  Eric then set up another rig to fish to his right, where it was a little deeper.

The Team Event

The club have started up a team event within the club and have seeded everyone based on last years overall result.  I am the team captain and I have Craig McKenny, Charlie Colefax, Eric White and club newcomer Andy Limbert in my team.  If all of us turn up, the best 4 results count.  There is a prize of £200 for the overall winning team, based on overall weight.  Both Craig and Andy had drawn iffy (pegs 19 and 21 respectively).

The Match

There should have been a prize for the first fish as Eric was still putting his two maggots on his hook and I was into my first F1 of the day - all 12oz of it.  I caught this one on the Frenzee shallow rig.  I managed to catch 32 F1 carp in the first hour for about 25lb or so.  The carp seemed to be at all depths, so I decided to go out on the 'Jigga' rig and see if I faired any better on that.  I managed to get 17 F1's over the next hour.  I must have caught all the giddy fish and I was now having to work for bites.  Eric the Pheasant was giving a good account of himself on the next peg and was getting plenty of ide/F1's and barbel on the top 2 + 1 rig.  My adversary was also catching plenty of fish from both down the corner and also from the shallow rig.

Everyone seemed to be catching fish.  Jason Langshaw was also getting one or two and I could see people all around the lake catching short, long or even on the method.

Best get my head down and work a bit harder.

After a couple of hours, the bites seem to have dwindled off, I decided to have a chuck out on the pellet waggler and managed to catch a couple more carp, nothing bigger than what I had been catching shallow at 13m, that seemed a bit slow.  Everyone seemed to be catching one or two and Eric was still steady away as was Barry Hunter.  Lurch was still here so must be bagging.  Oh Crap!!  He must have tuned his radio into Radio Luxembourg again. LOL.

I continued to swap between the Jigga and the Frenzee rigs and also the pellet waggler for the duration of the match.

I shouted over to Pid, 'Damn Pid, you are quite today'. To which he replied 'I get told off for moaning, then I get told off for not moaning. I can't flippin' win'. LOL.  Bless!!

Going into the last hour, most of us had between 30 - 60lb and what from I could see, I think that there were about 5 of us in the shout for the top 3 places, that possibly included Lurch and myself.

Jason at the side of me had cottoned on to how I was fishing and Eric had lost his rig, so had to use his other rig for the right of his peg.

That was it.  TIME. match over.

Eric had caught, Castaway Wilson had caught as had Wilco Wilson, Lurch was still here so must have caught, Macca had snared some.

The scales started at peg 1 (Alan 'Snooker' Hunter) who had 22lb (lowest weight of the match as it transpired), then there was a 47lb, 40lb, 60lb, Castaway put 69lb on the scales for best weight so far.  Next to weigh was my adversary - Chris Moorhead - he had two weighs and whilst tipping his fish into the weigh sling dipped his net back in the lake to add more water (LOL he wishes he could have) for a total of 52lb 8oz - damn is he still here???.  Barry Hunter on peg 12 then put 51lb 14oz on the scales.  Eric was next to weigh and thoroughly enjoyed catching a mixed bag weighing 58lb 5oz.  Now it was my turn.  Had I done enough to beat Lurch?

I had two weighs and after the needle had finally settled, I ended up with 87lb 10oz and was leading the match.  Jason had 43lb odd, Pid 52lb odd, Gary Jowett 54lb odd, and finally the last two to weigh were Craig and Andy Limbert who weighed in 35 and 29lb respectively.

19 anglers caught a total of 975lb of fish which is an average of over 51lb each angler and the biggest fish caught was approx 2lb ish with most of them between 12oz - 1.5lb.

Full Result

1. Mike Herrington - Peg 14 - 87lb 10oz
2. Stuart 'Castaway' Wilson - Peg 10 - 69lb 3oz
3. Paul 'Wilco' Wilson - Peg 7 - 63lb 9oz
4. Dave Wathen - Peg 18 - 62lb 2oz
5. John 'Macca' McCall - peg 5 - 61lb 3oz.

Oh and I forgot.  Lurch the loser is knocked out of the knockout cup LOL and I am through to round 2 (Which I have now found out is Andy Limbert, Gulp!!).

Thanks for reading (again).

Big Pellet

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Osprey Lake, Kippax, Leeds

Round 4 of the Robin Hood AC matches was to take place at Kippax Lakes, Leeds on Osprey Lake, and rumours were that it was going to be a hard match.

Daz came to pick me up and I had my nets out drying a bit.  He got out of the car and said you do not need your nets, you use their nets. I thought about it for a moment, then put my nets away.

We arrived at Kippax and there were 16 of us on the match.  The wind was blowing towards peg 2 and peg 30.  When there is a breeze elsewhere, Kippax always seems to blow a gale.

I put my hand in the lucky bag and snared peg 6.  Woofer Clough was on peg 15, one out the corner with no one on 16, Pid Farley drew corner peg 2 with no one on peg 1, Frank Crook Brook drew peg 30, Colin The Worm drew opposite Woofer on peg 19.  I arrived at my peg to find that I had Andy Limbert on peg 3, (pegs 4 and 5 empty), Lurch Moorhead on peg 8, Stuart Wilson on peg 9, Daz drew peg 10.  There wind was blowing from right to left.

I set up the obligatory method rod, then I set up 3 pole rigs as follows:

Across to the island - I put 16m of pole in front of me and I was still about 1m short of the island.  I put on a 4x14 Preston PB Carp 1 float on .17 Preston Powerline to a .12 hooklength and a Preston PR490 hook.  I had about 2ft of depth on this line and I attached the rig to Daiwa White Hydro Elastic.

I also set up a rig to the next peg, this was a 4 x 14 Carpa Chimp.  I had about 3.5ft to the next platform.  The hooklength on this rig was .13 Presont Powerline to a size 16 Colmic 501 hook.  This rig was attached to Preston 13h Hollow elastic.

My final rig was a .5g Drennan Roach set to fish top 2 and 2 in about 6ft of water.  This rig had on a .12 hooklength.  Upon plumbing up, I had about 5.5 - 6ft of depth.  This was also attached to Daiwa White Hydro Elastic.

For bait, I had 2 tins of 6mm cubed meat, some micro pellets and I mixed some Sonubaits crushed expander pellet groundbait with some Dynamite baits Meaty Marine groundbait on a 50/50 basis - minimal food content with strong aroma.  I also had some Bait-Tech 6mm expander pelllets and 1.5pts of mixed red and white maggots, as I had been told to fish maggot on 2+2.

That's it, I was ready.

At the start of the match, I threw a good handful of maggots in on top 2 + 2, I then got my across rig and baited up with a piece of meat, I loaded the tosspot with some groundbait mix and about 4 or 5 pieces of meat.  I shipped out to 16m and lowered the rig in.  After about 2 minutes, I'd had a couple of dips and blips and then the float buried and I was in.  A carp of about 2lb was soon in the keepnet.  Oh, talking of keepnets......YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR OWN NETS NOW.  Cheers Daz.  :-)  Because I had to borrow a couple of keepnets - one for silvers and one for carp, I had one net that thought it had brewer's droop and the other net had no thread on the screw in connection.  I had banksticks all over the place holding them upright.  Pah!!!

I shipped back out to 16m and repeated the process.  The float buried almost straight away and I soon had another carp about 1lb in the net.  Two fish in 2 put ins.  I was on fire.  I went back out to 16m and lowered the rig in and waited about 5 minutes for the next bite.  My meat had come off the hook. I went back out and promptly caught another carp, a common carp about 1.5lb.  It was now about 30 mins into the match and I had caught 3 carp.  I would like to say that I continued in this manner to the end of the match, but alas, no.  Over the next hour, I had not had anymore bites across or on the top 2 + 2 on the maggot line.  Chris Moorhead on peg 8 had started to get a couple of bites down the middle, Andy Limbert was really struggling, Pid had caught 6 or so carp and both Daz and Stuart Castaway Wilson were struggling.

I persevered with the maggot line on top 2 + 2 and the across rig for another hour or so and even had a couple of chucks on the method across to the island to no avail.  I was now about 3 hours into the match and still only had caught 3 carp.

Whilst having a chuck on the method, I saw a fish jump at peg 5.  I decided to have a look down there.

I baited up my inside rig with a 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellet and lowered the rig over a tosspot of groundbait.  I waited about 5 mins and the float buried, a carp about 3lb was soon in the net.  I went back down the edge again and waited about 15 minutes before I got another indication.  Over the next hour or so, I managed to get another 3 carp down the edge.  Going into the last hour, I had managed to snare 7 carp and considering those around me, I wasn't fairing too bad.

Macca and Castaway packed up early and left, not before I got a photo of Macca with the fruits of his labours....

Big Macca with a couple of carp.  The top one is about 5lb and the bottom one was about 9lb, given the size of his hands.  I do not know why he packed up!!.  See the clicker around his neck?  He broke it counting all two of these LOL.

Going into the last hour, I could see some activity across to the island and I had all-but stopped catching down to the next peg, so I decided to go back to basics across and fish pellets over groundbait.  In the last hour across, I managed to catch another 5 carp for a total of 12 carp by the end of the match.

The scales were on their way around and Pid had started the ball rolling by putting 23lb 1oz on the scales.  Andy Limpet had caught a roach, skimmer and perch for a total of 1lb 5oz.  I was net and after chucking my empty silvers net on the bank to dry, I lifted my carp net out and was quite surprised.  The scales went round and finally settled on 23lb 13oz.  Chris put 9lb on the scales.  Daz had managed to snare 2 carp for a total of 7lb odd.  Woofer raised the bar to 32lb.  Colin the worm had 27lb, Gary Jowett had 25lb, then all of the high numbers had caught between 10 - 20lb until you got to Frank Crook.  Frank managed to snare a few carp and put 39lb on the scales.

Full Result:

1. Frank Brook - Peg 30 - 39lb 2oz
2. Paul Clough - Peg 15 - 32lb
3. Colin Weaver - Peg 19 - 27lb
4. Gary Jowett - Peg 21 - 25lb
5. Mike Herrington - Peg 6 - 23lb 13oz (Section win)

Then it was Pid on peg 2 with 23lb.  All of the four corner/end pegs had come in the top 6.

Thank you for reading, tightlines.....

PS - To quote Lurch Moorhead....'I would rather eat my pole than go back to Kippax' or words to that effect - I wonder what a banana pole tastes like :-)

God, I live dangerously. LOL.