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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lindholme - Laurels Lake

Lindholme Lakes, Doncaster hosted the 2nd match in our 30 match summer series and we were on Laurels lake.

Whilst Frontrow was driving us there, I texted Greg Norris to find out what was what and he replied - pellet, pegs 16, 25, 33 (all at the end of the spits), 38 or higher than 40.  Upon arrival, I spoke to Daylite Rothery and John Allerton who both said either pellet or meat and draw higher than 40.

By the time of the draw, there were 24 of us there and I put my hand in the bag and peg 31 stuck to my fingers. A quick chat with Daylite again, who told me that he had fished peg 31 on the open match the day before.  He said to fish top 5 towards peg 25 and then to fish to a small stump at 14.5m down the edge with meat.  Lurch Moorhead drew peg 16, Craig McKenny drew peg 25, Mrs Webster drew peg 33, Chris Watson drew peg 38.  Macca was behind me on peg 35.    Stuart Wilson was on about peg 62, Frontrow was on peg 68, Mr Webster was on about peg 57, Andy Limbert was opposite him on about peg 53.  Opposite me on peg 28, I had Ian 'Syd' Waddell.

Peg 31 is one peg out of a little corner (peg 30 being the corner peg) and peg 33 is on the point of the little spit.  There were no features down the edge apart from this little tree stump with a couple of twigs coming off it.

The wind was blowing from my bank to the opposite bank (hence why you wanted to be higher than peg 40).  In the main, the peg was more or less flat calm, but as you went further away from the peg, the ripple became waves.  Frontrow had the wind straight in his face.

I set up 1 rig for top 5, where it was about 5ft deep and one for down the edge as told by Daylite and I also set up a shallow rig at 14.5m (just in case).

For bait, I had some venue 4mm and 6mm pellets for feed, some 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellets for hookers and 4 tins of 6mm cubed meat (I gave a bag of meat to Charlie Filofax).

That's it, I was ready.

The match started, I flicked a few pieces of meat out on top 5 and then potted a few pieces of meat and 4mm pellets out to the tree stump.

I baited up with meat on a size 16 Preston PR 490 hook and went out to the top 5 line.  I lowered the rig in and waited for it to sail under.  I waited, and waited some more.  Then I waited some more again.  I was constantly flicking 2 or 3 pieces of meat out over the top of the float.  After 30 minutes, I had not had a dink.  Macca behind me had 5 or 6 fish or so, Syd opposite had nothing.  Mrs Webster had a couple of F1's on method  I put an ever-faithful expander pellet on the hook, to no avail.

I decided to have a look down the edge, I baited up with a 6mm Bait-Tech expander pellet and lowered the rig in down the edge.  I fed a couple of pieces of meat and a small pinch of 4mm pellets over the top and waited.  After about 30 mins, I was still fishless and I went back out to the top 5 line for another 30 mins.  Still nothing.

I could see a few fish topping out in the middle of the lake, so I decided to have a go shallow for a bit.  After about 30 mins of slapping and lifting and dropping the bait, I still had not caught a fish.  We were now 2 hours into the match and I was still fishless. Syd opposite me had caught 1 small F1 and a small roach.  Macca was still catching fish, as was nearly everybody else that I could see.

I baited up with a pellet and went back out to the top 5 line and lowered the rig in and waited.  All of a sudden, the float wobbled, dipped a little then shot under.  FISH ON, FISH ON.  A little F1 about 12 oz was painstakingly and slowly brought back to the landing net.  Phew, I had caught a fish.

Was that the first of many???, Nope, I struggled all match.  I never had a fish shallow, I could only catch odd fish here and there (never had a fish on meat).

To make matters even worse, with about 1 hour to go, I put the shallow rig on my Garbolino M1 pole and shipped out to 14.5m, I was just about to lift the rig and place it where I wanted it, when - SNAP!!. What the hell??, my pole had snapped clean in half about 1ft down from the male end of the 14.5m section and was tethered by about 2ft of spiralled carbon (from the inside of the pole) to the remainder of the butt section that I had in my hand.  I managed to get hold of the pole and took the section off and inspected it.  I could not see or find anything wrong with it.  I have never had a pole break on me in this way for years, I have had a G995 (the number 6 broke on the strike), a G10 - I never had a problem with this, a Gmaxx 1000 - again, no problems with this. Oh and to make matters worse, I have had the M1 now for about 13/14 months, so it is just out of warranty.  Baubles or words to that effect.

That was it, match over, thank god.  I had managed to snare 8 little F1's, 2 small barbel and 2 gudgeon.  That was it.  Match over.  Not a good day in the office today.  Oh well, sometimes it happens.

The scales arrived and after my one weigh (my 2nd net was already dry on the bank lol), I managed to cobble together 13lb odd for nowhere.  Syd opposite me had 9lb odd.  Lurch had caught 17lb from flyer peg 16.  Craig weighed in 49lb from peg 25, Michelle had about 33lb from peg 33, Macca had 47lb, Chris Watson had 72lb, Dave Horsfall had 40lb (ish) from peg 40, Mark Wright had 60lb ish from about peg 47, Andy Limber had 47lb, Webster had 47lb, Stuart Wilson had 79lb on meat on top 5 to left and right, Pid had 22lb and Frontrow had 41lb.

Full Result:

1. Stuart Wilson - 79lb (Peg 62)
2. Chris Watson - 72lb (Peg 38)
3. Mark Wright - 60lb (Peg 47)
4. Craig McKenny - 49lb (Peg 25)

Well done all.  Tightlines.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Robin Hood AC - Summer League - Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster

The first match of the league for Robin Hood AC is now upon us and it took place at Hayfield Lakes Doncaster.  We had Little Adam's lake, pegs 1 - 33.

The Draw
By the time of the draw, there were 24 of us in attendance so the decision was made to leave out all of the corner pegs.  It was also the first leg of the knock out and I was up against Chris 'Lurch' Moorhead as his choice of venue.  Chris was 2nd in the draw and promptly pulled out peg 26, which put him one off the corner with the River Torne behind you.  I put my hand in the bag and drew next to him on peg 25.  my travelling partner, Daz 'Frontrow' Harrison drew next to me on peg 24.  I wanted to be on pegs 13 - 19 or pegs 29 - 3, wind in your face or off your back.

The club have also introduced a new team structure in order that team captains and other members can try to assist one or two of the other members.  In my team I have Craig McKenny (Peg 3), Andy Limbert (Peg 17), Charlie Colefax (Peg 31) and Eric (The Pheasant) (Peg 9 ish).  Dave 'Penfold' Webster drew peg 18, Mrs Webster drew peg 30, Paul 'Woofer' Clough was on peg 29.

I arrived at my peg and said to Lurch, I am next to you so that I can keep an eye on you.  He promptly put on some headphones and ignored me.  I think he had paid Paul McKenna to do a self help tape for him titled - HOW TO STAY AT YOUR FISHING PEG or judging by the way that he was singing during the match, it must have been the radio tuned into Radio Luxembourg.

I set up two pole rigs, 1 deep shallow (set about 5ft deep) and the other was to fish on the top 5 at about 7m out in 5ft of water.

I then set up a Pellet Waggler rod, again set to fish about 5ft deep and the obligatory bomb rod.

For bait, I had some 8mm & 6mm hard feed pellets.  Some 6mm expander pellets and a tin of corn.  I also mixed up a quarter of a 2kg bag of groundbait.

That's it.  I was ready.

The Match
At the start of the match, I watched as everyone launched a feeder or bomb out to the middle of the lake.  I picked up my pole rig to fish at 7m and baited up with a 6mm expander pellet, then shipped out and waited....and waited....and waited.  After 20 mins, nothing, not a wrap.  No one had a fish on my bank.  Both Mr & Mrs Webster had caught a carp each.  All the while whilst fishing short, I had been feeding 8mm pellets out to about 25 yards (mainly due to the wind, which was blowing from right to left and slightly diagonal).

I decided to chuck the bomb out and waited, and waited, and waited some more, all the while, I had been catapulting a couple of 8mm pellets out over the top.  After about another 30 mins or so, Lurch was the only one to catch a fish, a roach on worm at about 10m.

Onto the pellet waggler now.  I cast out and after about the 5th or 6th cast, I got a liner.  I shallowed up to about 2ft deep and cast out again.  I put the rod down so that I could feed and the float shot under.  I WAS IN.  Finally, I had latched onto something.  After a 5 min tussle, a ghost carp about 6lb was soon in the net.  I shouted over to Lurch 'Hey up Chris, you got some catching up to do now' and he still ignored me.

I would love to write that, that fish was the first of many, but alas, no.  No matter what I did, I could not get another bite throughout the match.  Going in to the last hour, I went back on the 7m pole line and baited up with a 6mm expander, shipped out and waited.  The float dipped, then dipped some more, and again.  Finally it went under and a roach of about 2oz had finally whittled the pellet down to a size that it could get in it's mouth.

I re-baited and shipped back out and waited.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lurch's elastic out of his pole and after a very brief tussle, he had a bream about 3lb ish.

Gulp, best concentrate.  Hope he doesn't get any more of them.

After about 10 mins or so, my float shot under and I was attached to something bigger than a 2oz roach.  When you know that the fish will really count and bites are at a premium, you play fish in slow motion, compared to if you were getting lots of bites.  After about 10 minutes, I had a mirror carp about 6lb to go with my other carp that I caught nearly 4 hours ago.

Over the remainder of the match, I managed to snare a couple more roach and skimmers.

That was it.  Match over.  Thank god.

They started the weigh in from peg 22 and Frank had 1 carp and a couple of bits for 13lb odd out of the corner.  Paul 'Castaway' Wilson weighed in 10lb (1 carp and some bits) from peg 23.  Frontrow had 9lb (1 carp and some bits) next to me on 24.  I plonked all of 12lb odd on the scales.  Now it was Lurch's turn..

He weighed in 6lb odd (for 2nd last - only beating someone who did not weigh in.).  I was 6lb in front and had won the first leg or our club knockout.

Then the scales got to the pegs that had caught and there were 30 - 45lbs abundant.

Full Result

1. Dave Webster - 55lb (Peg 18)
2. Paul Clough - 46lb (Peg 29)
3. Mark Wright - 45lb (Peg 8??)
4. Michelle Webster - 40lb (Peg 30)
5. Stuart Wilson - 35lb (Peg 5)

Best 4 weights from my team where:

Craig McKenny - 33lb
Andy Limbert - 32lb
Mike Herrington - 12lb
Charlie Colefax - 10lb

Lindholme next week.  Can't wait.  Hope it is better than it was today. :-)

Thanks for reading.


Monday, April 07, 2014

About Time For An Update, Me Thinks...

Is it really that long ago since my last blog??  What have I been doing since end of September last year??

Well, where do I start? I did a winter league at Tom's pond in Otley and a bad run of results left me about mid way down the table.

On the first match back in Nov, it was won from peg 1 on the first pond with 123lb of trout.  Two weeks later, I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 3.  My old travelling partner, Bram, was not there for the draw and I knew he was going so decided to draw his peg and promptly drew peg 1 for him.  I lent him a topkit and got his nets ready for him, and he promptly went on to win the match.  it was a well attended affair and the final result of the league was Neil Rymer, Andy Barker, Craig Thompson, Andy Rawson, Lee Bramham and Eddie Storey making up the top 6.  My results were something like 4, 3, 2, 1, 4, 5, 2, 5.  On the first pond you wanted to be on pegs 1 or 2, peg 9, pegs 12 - 16.  I managed to avoid them all apart from peg 1 (hence the one in my results) once.  On pond 2, the fish moved around considerably more and if you were on them, you had a good day's fishing, if not then it was a struggle.  My best weight was about 40lb ish.  Anyway, I have put my name down for next year's (or is it this year's) league.

The winterleague matches were every other week, so Scott from Pudsey Angling Centre and I were running matches on the alternate weeks.  We had a match at Sunrise Lakes, Harrogate, where I promptly drew the wrong bank and was 2nd on my bank with about 4lb of bits.  Pete Cressey won with 26lb of carp at the car park peg.  Scott took a fiver off me to make it 1 all in the fiver stakes.

We then had a match at Crimple Pond, Harrogate, which I won with 8lb of roach on caster over groundbait at 6m.  The weather was horrendous with very strong wind and heavy rain for about 4 hours.  On a more important note, I got my fiver back off Scott. Me 2 - Scott 1.

This was followed by a match at Rising Sun Lakes at Aldwark on ponds 2 and 3.  Scott and I drew next to each other.  Scott weighed in about 3lb odd, I had 10lb odd made up of ide and a solitary carp for 2nd overall and a lake win. The wind was howling again and I snapped a topkit of my pole whilst trying to flick a 1g rig out directly into the wind. Stuart Waterhouse won from the first pond (pond 2) with 35lb odd.  That was another fiver off Scott coming my way 3 - 1.

Then we had a match at Rising Sun again on the specimen lake.  Stories of 20 - 40lb of skimmers and bags of roach were rife.  On the day, I had 4 skimmers and some bits and bats for 9lb ish and a win.  I caught by fishing 3 dead maggots over a groundbait feeder.  Scott was down another fiver 4 - 1.

We were scheduled to have a match at Follywood Lakes, Huby, but me and a mate went and had a pleasure session (to find out where it was) and never had a bite, so the match was swapped to Redwood Lakes, Huby.  We were split over 2 lakes - Arc and Redwood Lake.  I drew Redwood and had 26lb of carp on groundbait feeder and maggot or pellet for 3rd on the lake and 4th overall.  I was beaten by Stuart Waterhouse on end Peg 1 who had 109lb and Barry 'Maggot' Murgatroyd who had 32lb from end peg 29.  There was also a 40lb weight off peg 19 on Redwood.  Scott wasn't in attendance, so the fiver score stays at 4 - 1.

The final match (prior to the club starting the summer league) was back at Redwood lakes on Canal and Redwood lakes.  I drew peg 14 on Canal and won it with 97lb of F1 carp.  All on pole-fished pellet over groundbait to the far side.  Scott was 2nd with 70lb.  The fiver score is starting to look like a Leeds United football result at 5 - 1 to me.

Last week, I went on an open match to Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk and won my section by triple default due to 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall being on my lake, pegs 16 (Steve Richards  - 128lb), Peg 19 (Pete Rambow Jnr - 118lb), Peg 21 (Barry Patton - 115lb).  I drew peg 12 which is just past the middle of the lake.  I had 4 shallow in the first hour, then the wind got up and I never had another fish until the last hour and I ended up with a dozen or so for 70lb odd.

The Robin Hood AC club matches started on Sunday 5th April - a full write up to follow.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk - Skylark Lake - Robin Hood AC Club Knockout - Final Leg

Due to imminent staffing changes at work, I may have to work on the day that I had scheduled to fish the 2nd leg of the Knockout against Dave Horsfall (Lindholme Lakes, Bonsai in a couple of weeks), so I called him midweek to see if we could fish it this weekend at Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk instead.  Dave agreed.

Lurch was 'Back' out of retirement - he has been laid low with a dodgy back and there was a good turnout of 20 of us for the match.

The Draw (it is either won or lost at the draw).

For those fishing the knockout, you get to draw first and in view of Dave not being present at the time of the draw, someone had pulled out peg 23 for him, which I would consider to be at the right end of the lake.

I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew next to him on peg 21.  The last time that I fished peg 21 on Skylark, I won the match (a few years ago) with 149lb odd.  I was quite happy with my draw for once.  Now let us see what today brings.

Macca had drawn at the opposite end of the lake on peg 1, Woofer 2, Frontrow Harrison was on about peg 8 or so, Webster was on about peg 10, Pid was more or less opposite me on peg 12 or so.  Mark Wright was on peg 14 (ish), Paul Wilson had drawn one of the better corners in peg 17.  Michelle was in the opposite corner peg 18, I had Gary on peg 20, Horsfall on 23, Castaway Wilson was on about peg 27, Lurch (who surprised us all by turning up for once) was on about peg 30, Barry 'Alaaann, do you want a sandwich' Hunter was on about peg 33 and Ian 'Syd' Waddell was on end peg 34.

I was 18lb behind before we even started fishing so had it all to do but at least I could keep an eye on my adversary for the day.


I set up the following:

  • a bomb rod (I bought a MAP Parabolix 10ft Bomb Rod 2 weeks ago and like it so far)
  • 11ft method feeder rod
following pole rigs:

  • Rig 1 was a jigga rig on .17 Preston Powerline to a .12 hooklength attached to Daiwa White Hydro elastic.
  • Rig 2 was a Frenzee FD200 shallow float set to fish about 18" deep on the same lines above.  This was also attached to Daiwa White Hydro Elastic.
  • Rig 3 was a .4g polystyrene bodie diamond shaped float on .17 Preston Powerline tied direct to a size 14 Colmic B501 hook.  This was attached to Preston Blue 15h.
  • Rig 4 was a .5g Maver float set to fish on the deck at 14.5m (the idea being to fish the line at full depth until I get liners from fish coming shallow).  This rig had .17 mainline with a .13 hooklength and was attached to Preston Green 13h.


I had 1 bag of Sensas Krill groundbait mixed in with half a bag of Sensas Crazybait Gold, venue 6mm (for feeding shallow), 8mm & 11mm pellets for the bomb/method lines and 2 tins of corn.

I was ready before the start of the match, so popped next door to Dave and get the low down on his thoughts for today.  I eye-spied a ball of paste and was quick in requesting a bit - to try 'just in case' LOL.  NOW, I was ready and good to go.

Here we go!!

Following my endeavours of a couple of weeks ago, I was 18lb behind Dave before we even started fishing so had it all to do but at least I could keep an eye on my adversary for the day.

At the start of the match, I had a look down the margin for about 15 mins and never had a twitch.  Unfortunately for me, Dave had snared a carp about 8lb or so in the same amount of time - I was now about 26lb behind.  Oh Crap!!

I potted in some groundbait down the margin with a few grains of corn and then decided to have a chuck out on the method.  I could see that Webster, Woofer, Castaway and one or two others were catching fish.  The confusing thing was that the fish were being caught in the margin, on the bomb or on a short pole line (about 5/6 metres).

After about 20 mins on the method, I had not had a fish or anything.  Dave meanwhile had caught another carp and lost one down the margin and was now about 35lb in front of me as one of them was easily double figures.  Whilst I had been fishing the method, I had been flicking a few pellets every 30 seconds or so out to the 14.5m pole line.

I decided to go out on the pole to 14.5m with the deep rig, baited with an 8mm hard pellet on a baitband.

First drop in, the float sailed away and there was nothing there.  I dropped the rig in again and the same thing happened.  It was time to try the shallow rig.

I picked up the jigga rig, baited up with an 8mm hard pellet on a bait band and shipped out to 14.5m.  I lowered the rig in and 'worked' it a couple of times before I connected with something solid.  The white hydro slowly stretched out of the pole and I was attached to something substantial.  After a battle of about 2 minutes, I had my first carp in the net.  It was about 9lb or so.  Dave had added some skimmers and roach to his weight, I was now probably about 28lb behind and still playing catchup.

When playing fish of this size, I just keep the pole low and ship back slowly without even looking at the pole tip until I get it back to the top 2. then I start to strip the elastic slowly through a side pulla until I get it into the net.

I shipped back out again and some 10 minutes later, I was attached to another good fish.  After another couple of minutes or so, another 6lb fish was in the net.

Over the next 1.5 hours I managed to snare another 6 decent carp on the shallow jigga rig.  By this time, my adversary had caught another 2 carp

With about 2 hours of the match to go, Lurch Moorhead chirped up and said something.  I shouted back 'Blimey, you still here, I thought that you had left before the draw'.

I could see that Woofer was still catching, Macca had taken his shirt off, Webster was still catching one or two, Castaway was still getting the odd fish on the short pole line, Michelle was splashing about in the corner - I do hope that she has not fallen in again.  Wilco in the corner was getting one or two fish by fishing along the boards.  I think that at this point there was about 1 fish in it between Horsfall and I.

It was all to play for.

The wind was increasing as the day went on and at times, it was difficult holding the long pole with one hand whilst feeding with the other.  I could not get anymore bites shallow or on the deck on the long pole line.  I decided to have another couple of chucks on the bomb/method feeder but to no avail.  

Dave Horsfall had foul-hooked and lost a couple of fish down the margin.  I decided to have a look myself. 

I baited up the margin rig with double corn and lowered it down the edge.  The float wobbled a bit, dipped then shot under.  I struck and a gudgeon about 2 oz flew out of the water.  Not quite what I was expecting.

Dave Horsfall had by now hooked and landed another carp.

I baited up the margin rig with double corn and waited for about 15 minutes before the float shot under and this time I was attached to something substantially larger than a gudgeon.  After a brief tussle, I had another carp about 7lb in the net.

That was it time.  All out.  End of the match.  Dave had 4 big carp and 18lb and I had 10 carp and a couple of bits.  Only the weigh in would tell.

Dave asked  what weight had I got.  I said 10 carp for about 55lb or so (with my fingers crossed behind my back) and I said to Dave that he had caught 4 decent carp and some bits for about 40lb so maybe just in front.

The Weigh In

Macca was a DNW, Woofer plonked 89lb on the scales.  Frontrow had 39lb, Webster had 2 weighs and put 81lb on the scales.  Pid had 71lb.  Mark Wright had 30 odd lb's.  Wilco had 3 weighs for 107lb.  Michelle had 14 carp and 2 weighs for 70lb.  Gary next to me was a DNW. Now it was my turn.  I lifted out my first net and plonked 45lb on the scales.  I lifted out my 2nd net and had less in it.  I put it on the scales and watched as the needle went round to 34lb 7oz for a total of 79lb 7oz.  Now it was Dave's turn. He weighed in his silvers net first (5lb odd) and then his carp net went 32lb for a total of 37lb odd + his 18lb carry over gave him a total weight of 55lb odd. I had done it.  I WAS THE CLUB KNOCKOUT CHAMPION.  The scales finally arrived at Castaway Wilson who had 3 weighs and put 121lb on the scales to claim first place.  Lurch was a DNW - AGAIN!!! and Barry Hunter put 66lb on the scales.

Full Result:

1. Stuart Wilson - 121lb
2. Paul Wilson - 107lb
3. Paul Clough - 89lb
4. Dave Webster - 81lb
5. Mike Herrington - 79lb - 2013 CLUB KNOCKOUT CHAMPION

Thank you for reading.  The club still have some more matches to go before the summer league ends and the winter league begins.



Last couple of matches

Over the last few weeks, I have fished the following matches:

8th September 2013 - Kippax - Osprey Lake
15th September 2013 - Hayfield Lakes - Little Adams Lake

Kippax - Osprey Lake

This was the first of the final two legs of the club knockout competition and I was up against Dave Horsfall to determine the overall winner.  Dave opted to fish his choice of legs at Kippax and I selected Lindholme Lakes - Bonsai Lake in about a month's time.

Osprey Lake is one of my least favourite venues as it is predominantly a worm venue and Dave, along with quite a few other club members fish with worm quite frequently and being as tight as I am, I will not fish worm if I can help it.

I put my hand in the bag and drew peg 11, which was a little indifferent to me as Osprey Lake is pretty much straight up and down with a central island between 14 - 17m away.  On my last visit here I drew peg 23 and was 3rd with 44lb ish.  Dave put his hand in the bag and drew peg 23 or thereabouts.  It was all to play for.

I fished with pellet across on the pole at 16m and pellet, paste down the edge.  I could see the fish down the edge, but as has usually been the case for the past couple of months, the fish are coming into the margins, but not eating my hookbait.

I had some worms left from a previous fishing session (I think from last year LOL) and started to fish worm and slop down the edge for the last hour and managed to snare one or two fish.

At the end of the match, Dave shouted across to me 'Mick, what have you got?'.  I said about 30lb.  He replied 'No, be honest, what have you got'?  I said about 35 - 38lb.  He shouted back that it was going to be close.

By the time that the scales had arrived, Webster had plonked 39lb on the scales.  Craig McKenny had weighed in 44lb odd.  I weighed in 38lb odd.  Colin the worm had 48lb by fishing worm down the middle.  Dave was next to weigh and a couple of weighs later had plonked 56lb on the scales.  There was another 40lb+ weight, putting me 5th overall.

Worst of all, I was 18lb behind Dave in the knockout match - got a lot to catch up.  Gulp!!!

Full Result:

1. Dave Horsfall - 56lb
2. Colin Weaver - 48lb
3.  Craig McKenny - 44lb
4.  Dave Webster - 39lb
5. Mike Herrington - 38lb

Hayfield Lakes - Little Adam's Lake

Last Sunday, the club were booked on at Hayfield Lakes on Little Adam's Lake.  By the time that the draw took place, due to various reasons, there were only 8 of us in attendance, so I did the pegging out.  I put in pegs 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30 and 32.

I wanted to be on pegs 15 - 19 and 30 - 32 due to either having the wind in your face or off your back, in addition pegs 28 - 33 all had over 100lb each on the clubs last match here. I put my hand in the lucky bag and drew peg 25 - unlucky or what.

Front row drew peg 15, michelle was on 17, Craig Mckenny was on peg 19, Colin the worm on peg 22, Horsfall on peg 28 , webster on 30 and can't remember who was on 32.

I set up a pellet waggler rig, bomb rig and two pole rigs, one for the margin and one for fishing about 10m out.

I had a bag and a half of groundbait, sweetcorn and some 8mm and 11mm pellets.

At the all in, I lobbed the bomb out to about 30m or so and catapulted some pellets out over the top.

The weather was cold, horrible, drizzly and overcast.  I was not looking forward to today.

After about 3 hours of trying things that were not working (I had 1 carp at 10m on the pole along with about 5 skimmers), I decided it was time to go on the margin swim and see if I could get anything off that line.

I potted in some groundbait and some corn.  First drop in over my potted in groundbait with double corn and the elastic shot out of the pole tip.  A carp about 7lb was soon in the keepnet.  I managed to snare another 5 carp off this line and shouted to Dave Horsfall to see if we could bring our 2nd leg of the knockout forward to today (he had 2 carp and some bits), but wasn't having any of it.

I had 7 carp and some bits for 51lb odd and 2nd place.  Craig McKenny won with 65lb odd.  Michelle was 3rd with 36lb odd, then there were a few weights between 25-29lb,

Full Result:

1.  Craig McKenny - 65lb
2. Mike Herrington - 51lb
3. Michelle Webster - 36lb

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Forest Lane Fishery, Alne

A few weeks ago, Scott 'Big Nose' Dodsworth at Pudsey Angling Supplies organised a match to be held at Forest Lane Fishery, Alne and I put my name down for the match which took place on Sunday 1st September.

Forest Lane is currently Scott's regular fishery as he has been doing quite well on the venue with numerous wins and placings from various matches.  Whilst in his shop, on one occasion, he challenged me to a fiver side bet on this match.  I accepted.  GULP!!!  I reminded Big Nose about the fiver and he was still up for it.  Gulp, Gulp!!!.  I told him that IF I win the fiver, I want a fiver note, not five pounds of credit in the shop, LOL.

Donkey Waterhouse was also here and the obligatory quid was up and running.  Robin Hood AC were well represented as Macca and Stuart 'Castaway' Wilson were also in attendance.  A face that I had not seen for quite a while was also here - Catkiller Hawkins LOL.

Gary Bennett is a fella that I have been helping out, who goes into the shop, with his pole and getting it elasticated correctly and cutting it all back to the same length top kits was also in attendance.

The Draw

Due to running the match, 'Big Nose' was first to draw and got one of the lads to draw for him.  Gaz Bennett said that he would do it as he usually draws crap.  He put his hand in the bag and promptly drew him one of the best pegs on the lake - Peg 31.  Gaz then drew his own peg which put him on one of the other best pegs - Peg 8.  Donkey drew peg 33.  It was now my turn.  I put my hand in the bag and drew peg 16.  As I had only fished one other match here (when I drew peg 2) this year, the peg was a bit indifferent to me.  Macca was a couple of pegs away on 19, Castaway was on peg 21.  Catkiller was also on flyer peg 11.

Peg 16

I arrived at my peg to find that I had peg 17 empty and Daz 'Tattoo' Ans was on corner peg 15.  Due to the empty peg to my left, I had a tasty looking margin swim to the next platform.  The wind was blowing left to right and was quite squally.

Left Margin Swim
 And a over-hanging tree to my right margin swim.

Right Margin Swim
It was about 20m to the island straight in front of me.

The Island
Rigs & Tackle

I set up a 9ft Shimano CX rod as a bomb rod and the same rod in 11ft as a method feeder.  Both with Shimano DL 2500 (for 9ft) and 4000 (for 11ft) reels.

I also set up 4 pole rigs as follows:

Rig 1 - Shallow Rig - Frenzee FD200 pole float set to fish about 18" deep.  The main line was .15 Preston Powerline with a 4" .13 Preston Powerline hooklength.

Rig 2 - Margin Rig - .3g teadrop float set at 12 - 18" deep.  This was on .17 Preston Powerline to a 6" .15 Preston Powerline hooklength.

Rig 3 - Top 2 + 2 rig set to fish about 4ft deep at the base of the near slope.  This was set up on .17 Preston Powerline to a 6" .15 Preston Powerline hooklength.

Rig 4 - Shallow Rig 2 - was a 'Jigga' float set to fish between 6" - 2ft deep by working the bait up and down.  This was set up on .15 Preston Powerline with a 4" .13 Preston Powerline hooklength.

Rigs 1 - 4

For bait, I had a 50:50 mix of Sonubaits F1 Fishmeal and Sensas Crazybait Gold groundbaits with 2 handfuls of micro pellets mixed in.  I also had 2 tins of 6mm and 1 tin of 8mm meat mixed together.  Some 4mm and 6mm hard pellets, 1 large tin of corn and a handful of 6mm BaitTech Expander Pellets.

I have also just invested in a new Steve Ringer Pellet pump.  In a word - Awesome.  About 4 or 5 pumps and they all sink.  I have also just invested in a shallow landing net and opted for the Preston Latex Shallow Spoon (as seen in the picture below).

Bait 1

A right old mixture
The Match

At the start of the match, I baited up the method rod and cast it over to the island, then potted in some bait to left and right margins and threw a handful of meat and corn on the top 2 + 2 line and started to catapult a few 4mm pellets out to 14.5m on the shallow line.

After a couple of minutes, I rebaited the method feeder and cast back out again, and I catapulted a few 6mm pellets over to the island.

After about 20 mins on the method, nothing was forthcoming so a quick change to the pole shallow at 14.5m was next on the list of things to try.

I picked up the Jigga rig and baited up with a 4mm pellet on a hair-rigged band and shipped out to 14.5m.  I lowered the rig in and catapulted some 4mm pellets over the top, which given the wind took two or three attempts lol.

I worked the rig a couple of times and all of a sudden the elastic shot out of the pole.  Fish on.  I was fishing with Diawa White Hydro elastic.  After a brief tussle, my first carp of the day was soon in the net, at about 4lb it was a welcome first fish.  I catapulted some more pellets out before unhooking the fish.

I rebaited and shipped back out.  A few more pellets over the top.  A couple of 'Jigs' and another fish was on.  Another carp, albeit a bit smaller at about 1.5-2lb.  After about 30 minutes of me fishing shallow, Tattoo then set up a shallow rig and decided to have a go.  He dropped in and slapped his rig a couple of times, then the black hydro shot out of his pole and he had his first fish of the day.  A carp about 8lb.  Why couldn't I get one like that LOL.

I carried on in this manner for the next couple of hours catching carp between 1lb - 4.5/5lb.

The wind was horrendous.  I was really struggling to hold the pole at times.  Due to the wind, I was swapping between the Jigga rig and the standard Frenzee shallow rig.  Sometimes I could get a bite working the bait up and down and other times the fish wanted a static shallow bait.

I was now about halfway into the match and had about 40lb or so.  The fish were backing off and I was waiting up to 10/15 minutes between fish, but given that I seemed to be the only one catching I was persevering but it was hard work given the wind etc.  At one point, I had hooked a carp on the Jigga rig and it bolted off and snapped me, ON MY MAINLINE...aaarrggghh.  My Jigga float was being carried away from me on the wind.  I must have got a knot or something in the line.

I decided to give the pole a rest and went back on the method for 10 minutes.  Nothing but a couple of liners.  I cast a few times to the island and also over the pole line.  

I decided to have a chuck on the bomb rod.  I baited up with a 6mm pellet and cast over to the island.  Just as I was sinking the line, the rod tip flew round.  Carp on.  It was a welcome 3lb extra in the net.

Catkiller was struggling to catch.  Tattoo had about 3 fish shallow but was struggling fishing the pole shallow.  Gaz Bennett was getting one or two fish down the middle.  Eddie, the pond owner came round and asked how I was getting on, I said that I had about 40lb or so and if he speaks to Big Nose to tell him that I was struggling.

I chucked the bomb back over to the island and had a couple more fish when this line seemed to go quite.

I dropped the bomb short, onto the pole line and caught a few fish off that line also. 

We were now into the last hour or so of the match and Tattoo had gone down the side and was catching the odd 6/7lb fish to the platform in peg 14.

I had been potting in groundbait with a few bits of meat and corn down the edges periodically throughout the match.  It was time to have a look.  After about 5 mins each side.  Nothing extra was added to the net.

I had also been chucking in a few bits of meat and corn on the top 2 + 2 line and decided to have a look there.  After a couple of minutes, the float sailed under and a bream about 1lb was soon in the net.  No carp then.

Eddie came round and asked what sort of weight I had and I said about 70/75lb or so.  He said that he wanted a good last hour and for me to 'do the ton'.  After he left, I only had about 3 or 4 small carp.  Talk about the kiss of death.

That was it.  Time.  End of the match.

I had caught about half my weight shallow and about half on the bomb.  Nothing down the margins or short and nothing on the method.

Weigh In

The scales arrived at Tattoo's peg and Gaz Bennett was leading with 38lb 3oz from peg 8.  Catkiller weighed in 31/32lb.  Tattoo lifted his net out and also had a weight of 38lb 3oz, to (currently) tie for 1st place.

I lifted out my first net and plonked 49lb 14oz odd on the scales.  My second net weighed in at 37lb 10oz for a total of 87lb 8oz, which put me into first place for now.  Peg 18 had about 25lb or so.  Macca was a a DNW, which given his recent run of form was a suprise.  Stuart 'Castaway' Wilson also had two weighs for a total of 93lb odd, pushing me into 2nd place.

Reports were coming back to me that Big Nose had also caught a few fish.  The scales arrived at his peg and he lifted out his first net.  This one went 45lb odd.  He struggled to lift out his second net and there were lots and lots of splashing around.  He then stopped kidding about and lifted it onto the scales for a 2nd weigh of 34lb odd giving a total of 79lb odd.  'Hey Big Nose, you are crap AND YOU OWE ME A FIVER' or words to that effect came out of my mouth.

Donkey was next to weigh with 36lb odd, that was another quid coming my way.  Over the final few pegs there were also a few 30lb+ weights.  I had come 2nd overall.

Big Nose was not a happy teddy bear - LOL
Full Result:

1.  Stuart Wilson - Peg 21 - 93lb
2.  Mike Herrington - Peg 16 - 87lb
3.  Scott Dodsworth - Peg 31 - 79lb
Jt 4th Gaz Bennett (Peg 8) & Darren Ans (Peg 15) - 38lb 3oz.

Thank you for reading and tightlines.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk - Wagtail Lake

This week Robin Hood AC were at Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk on one of the back lakes - Wagtail Lake.  Wagtail Lake is a rectangle lake about 50 - 60m wide and is pegged 10 pegs on each bank.

It was all to play for today between Paul 'Woofer' Clough and I as we were fishing the 2nd leg of our knockout competition for a place in the final.  I had a 6/7lb advantage over Woofer. Bring it on.

Dave Horsfall and Mark Wright were also fishing the 2nd leg of the knockout and Dave had a 20lb advantage over Wrighty.

The Draw

I wanted a peg in the middle of the lake as the end pegs tend to be too much of a hit or miss.  I put my hand in the bag and pulled out ....... Peg 19.  That was OK, providing that I had no one to my left on corner peg 20. I checked the peg sheet and Dave Wath had drawn peg 20. Damn.  Woofer was on peg 13, Donkey Waterhouse was on corner peg 11, Macca and Webster had drawn 7 and 8 respectively.  Mark Wright was in corner peg 10 and Michelle Webster was in corner peg 1.  The habitual moaner, 'Pid' was the next angler to my right on peg 17.  There were 14 of us on a 20 peg lake, which considering the moods of the lake, it was too many anglers to be honest.

I have done two prior club matches on this lake and won them both, one from peg 7 and one from peg 19 (when peg 20 was empty).  We will have to see how today goes...!!!

The Peg

As mentioned above, the lake is about 50/60m wide and has not distinguishing features.

Peg 19 - Woodlands Wagtail

The Left hand margin - the pole in the next peg is actually about 7/8m away.

My Right hand margin swim - all 2m of it.


Today I was going to keep things simple, all I had was some venue 6mm pellets for pinging at 14.5m, some 8mm pellets for the middle of the lake to catapult over the method, some 11mm pellets for the method hookbait and a 50:50 mix of Sonubaits F1 Fishmeal groundbait mixed in with some Sensas Crazybait Gold.  I also had some white chocolate and pineapple Sonubaits Bandums for the baitband.  I also had some 6mm and 8mm BaitTech expander pellets.

Tackle and Rigs

I set up my Shimano Beastmaster CX at 9ft to fish the method feeder.  When fishing the method I like to use the Shimano DL Baitrunners and put the freespool on and wait for the line to peel off.

I then set up the following pole rigs:

A shallow 'Jigga' rig.  This was attached to .15 Preston Powerline mainline with a 4 inch .13 Preston Powerline hooklength.

A standard Frenzee FD200 shallow rig as above.

My margin rig was a .3 Garbolino DC6 float set up on .17 Preston Powerline mainline with a 4 inch .15 Preston Powerline hooklength.

My final rig was for the top 2 + 2 line straight in front of me.  This was a .5g Garbolino float on .17 Preston Powerline straight through.

My Match

At the start of the match, I spent about the first 20 mins fishing short both at top 2 + 2 and also down the margins with double 6mm or single 8mm expander on the hook tryng to snare a margin fish early.  None were forthcoming.  I had about 5 or 6 bites and caught 3 skimmers and a roach.  All the while, I had been pinging 6mm pellets to 14.5m and 8mm pellets to the middle of the lake.

I decided to chuck the 'thod out to the middle of the lake to see if the carp were lining up after my pre-baiting.

After about 30 mins and 7 or 8 chucks, nothing.  I was nearly an hour into the match and no carp yet.

I could see that Wrighty had caught 3 or 4 decent carp and Macca and Webster were getting one or two fish up in the water lifting and dropping their rigs.

I decided to have a look shallow so baited up the jigga rig with an 8mm pellet (basically to deter the silver fish) and went out to 14.5m.  I was feeding 6 - 8 pellets all the while, whilst working the rig up and down in the water.

All of a sudden, the elastic shot out of the pole and the fish carried on going to the middle of the lake, and carried on and on.  I did not know that white hydro elastic could stretch that far LOL.

Eventually, I think the hydro elastic finally decided enough was enough and the fish turned and came back to me. After a 5 - 10min battle, the fish was in the landing net.  It was a mirror carp about 6lb.  I was off and running, although I had a bit to make up on other people.

Michelle opposite me was chucking the method down the edge and was getting the odd fish and had about 4 or 5 fish.  Wathy on the next peg was only catching skimmers and roach on pellet.  It was obvious to both of us that the carp were not here in any numbers.  A club match the day before was won with 150/160 from about peg 7 or something.

I went back shallow again and some 20 minutes later I had not added any more carp to the net.  I went back out on the method feeder and managed to snare a little common carp about 1lb.  I was feeding some pellets to the middle of the lake and could see some fish boil and swirl.

I decided to set up the pellet waggler.  I set the rig to fish about 2ft deep.  On my first cast, the float dipped, I struck into it and the reel started screaming as it shot off to the other side of the lake. Then the hook pulled, probably foul-hooked.

I re-cast about 5 or 6 times, then the float connected with another carp.  I managed to get this one out.  It was a mirror carp about 4lb or so.

Macca and Webster were miles in front and Michelle was still in front.  I was playing catch up and getting nowhere.  I would get a couple of liners/bites on one method, then not another so would have to change to something else.  The fish were spooking everytime you hooked one.

I went back on the shallow pole rig and hooked a fish some 5-10mins later and played it back to the keepnet.  It was about 9 or 10lb with a big broad back.  It kited to my right margin swim, then came back at me and run into the keepnet.  Then the fish was gone and I was attached to the keepnet.  BAUBLES or words to that effect.

I was not a happy teddy bear.

I was now into the last hour or so of the match and had 7 carp for about 28 - 30lb or so.  I decided to have a go down the margins as I could see Macca emptying it from peg 7 in the margins fishing towards peg 6.  Wrighty had not managed to snare many more fish.  I was not aware of what Woofer had caught.  Wathy was now starting to get the odd fish short.

I big potted some groundbait in at 2 +2 and also down my right margin swim.  I baited up the 2 + 2 rig with an 8mm expander pellet and lowered it in.  The float settled, then after a bit of sideways movement, I struck into a ...carp about 7lb.  I dropped in again and foul-hooked one.

Wathy was now attached to a fish that was doing it's best to run through my peg and get diagonally across the lake to Macca's peg.  Some 10 minutes later, he had a fish in his landing net that needed a saddle it was that big and we both estimated it to be best part of 14/15lb.  Why oh why, couldn't I get one like that.  Mine run into the keepnet and shed the hook. :-(

I got my margin rig and dropped in to my right.  The float settled, then shot under and I managed to put another carp about 6lb in the net.  I snared another couple of carp before that was it.  Match over.

I would estimate that I had about 45lb - 50lb or so.  Michelle put 48lb on the scales from peg 1, Charlie Filofax had a good 30 odd pounds from peg 2.  The scales arrived at Macca's peg and after a couple of weighs, he had plonked 108lb on the scales.  Webster put 62lb the scales.  Wrighty had 35lb or so from peg 10.  Donkey was next to weigh and after a couple of weighs, put 78lb on the scales - damn another pound down.  Now it came to the crunch.  I watched expectantly as Woofer pulled his first net out and put 32lb on the scales.  I asked where his 2nd net was.  He didn't have one.  :-)  Stuart Wilson on peg 14 had 59lb and was currently in 4th place.  Dave Horsfall had 45lb odd.  Pid was a DNW.  I was next to weigh.  After 2 weighs I managed to plonk 54lb odd on the scales for 5th overall and Wathy had ended up with 38lb odd.

I had won my end of the lake, but not won any coin. My main objective today had been achieved.  I had beaten Woofer. :-)

Full Result

1.  John McCall (Peg 7) - 108lb
2.  Stuart Waterhouse (Peg 10) - 78lb
3.  Dave Webster (Peg 8) - 62lb
4.  Stuart Wilson (Peg 14) - 59lb
5.  Mike Herrington (Peg 19) 54lb

Thank you for reading...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week...

The Robin Hood AC were at The Oaks Lakes, Thirsk on Maple Lake again.

On our last visit here the lake fished really hard with 25lb winning followed by 22lb, then me with 20lb.  We will see if it fishes any better today.  At least on this occasion, we had what I would consider to be the better pegs from peg 68 going back to peg 44.  Peg 55 won this years fisho qualifier and peg 63 (old peg 62a) has had 3 fisho qualifiers from it.  Basically the higher the number the better on this lake (excluding pegs 1 - 3).

The Draw

I put my hand in the bag and drew peg 48. Big Macca was on peg 54, with 55 empty.  Frontrow Harrison drew peg 63 (old peg 62a), Baz Hunter was on peg 64, Casper Moorhead was on peg 65, Woofer Clough was on peg 66 and Sooty Waddell was on peg 68.  Donkey Waterhouse threw the gauntlet down with the obligatory quid and he drew peg 52.  Alan Hunter was on peg 62.

The Peg

Peg 48 is a peg that is at the start of a bay with the bay going from pegs 48 - 54.  I had Frank Crook on peg 50 to my right and Pid on peg 46 to my left.  I would have preferred to have been on peg 47 (as this peg has a long margin swim) or further into the bay on about 51 or 52.

The Rigs

I set up 3 rigs as follows:

My left and right margin rig was a 4 x 14 Carpa Raisor set to fish as close to the bank as possible, which was about 1m out in 3ft of water.  This was set up on .15 Preston Powerline with a .13 Powerline Hooklength to a size 14 Colmic B501 hook.

I then set up two across rigs, one was to fish in line with a bush on the far bank, after plumbing up, I found that i had about 15-18" of depth.  My other rig was set to fish tight across and due to sedges lying on the water (again), I had about 12-15" of depth.  I used .3g Garbolino DC6 floats on both of these rigs and both had on .12 Gamakatsu hooklengths with Preston Baitbands.

The Bait

For bait I had some of the venue's own micro pellets and some 4mm pellets for feed.  I also had some 6mm BaitTech expander pellets, some Nutrabaits 6mm meaty pellets. Two tins of sweetcorn.

The Match

At the start of the match, I fed some micro's and 4mm pellets across to the sedges, then put on a 6mm expander pellet on my margin rig and lowered it to the left and swim and fed some corn and 4mm pellets.

After a couple of minutes, the float bobbed, then shot under and I was hooked up to my first fish of the day.  About 10 seconds later, it was gone.  I lost it.  I think that it was foul-hooked.

I re-baited and lowered the rig in again. After a couple of minutes, the float lifted slightly and went sideways.  I struck and was connected to....

a crayfish.  Baubles!!!

I fed some bait and went over to the far side to the swim under the tree.  After a couple of minutes, the float buried, I struck and the fish shot off to the left, then the hook pulled.

I rebaited and dropped back into the same swim.  Nothing.  Not a bite or anything.

I swapped rigs and went to the gap between the two sedges straight in front of me as I had seen a couple of fish moving on the mudline.  I dropped in about 12" short of the far bank. - I could not get any closer as the rig was then laying on sedges and did not sit in the water correctly.

After a couple of minutes, the float dipped, then shot under and I was attached to an angry carp.  As I shipped back and took the topkit off the pole, the elastic and line went slack.  Lost another one.  3 fish on and lost every one of them.

Over the duration of the match, I swapped all of the lines to snare the odd fish here and there along with a couple of unwelcome crayfish.

At one point a wasp went into my baitbox full of sweetcorn and I nearly got stung by it as I went to get some corn out, so I ended up squashing it, then another wasp came to me and started attacking me.  It got trapped behind my watch and wrist and managed to sting me (basket or words to that effect), then about another 5 or six came and started flying around me.  If there is one thing I really can't stand are wasps.

I had about 10 - 15lb with about 1 hour to go and spent the remainder of the match fishing the margins to my left and right and managed to snare 5 carp in addition to foul-hooking and losing another 3 or 4 fish.

That was it, match over.  Today had proved to be a very frustrating day with too much depth and too many foul-hooked fish.  I just could not get them to go down.

Casper Moorhead did a runner again with about an hour to go. Now you see me, now you don't.

Eric the Viking was first to weigh from peg 44, then Pid who put 24lb on the scales.  I had one weigh and put 30lb 5oz on the scales to take the lead.  Frank was a DNW, Donkey put 25lb on the scales.  Macca had 2 weighs and manged to put 56lb on the scales.  There were a couple of mid-teens to low twenties weights from 56 - 62.  Frontrow emptied both his nets on the scales and managed to weigh 32lb 10oz to take 2nd place.  Barry Hunter on peg 64 had a low twenty pounds or so.  Woofer had 18lb odd and last Sooty was last to weigh and plonked 31lb 6oz on the scales to take 3rd place, knocking me down to 4th place and a section win.

Full Result:

1.  John McCall (Peg 55), 56lb odd
2.  Daz Harrison (Peg 63) 32lb 10oz
3.  Ian Waddell (Peg 68) 31lb 6oz
4.  Mike Herrington (Peg 48) 30lb 5oz